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Top 21 iPad Apps for Business Pros

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Though there’s certainly much controversy about the iPad, there are many
business professionals — perhaps like you — that have trooped out and bought one. Like the iPhone and iPod Touch, the real
power is in the apps. This might be especially true for the iPad, where
apps might be able to help make up for some of the lacking features: no
multi-tasking, non-existent USB and SD, no phone or texting, and
missing Flash support for the
web browser.

Remember, all iPhone and iPod Touch apps
install and work on the iPad. However, given the bigger screen and
feature differences, many developers are releasing another version specifically
designed for the iPad. Most of the 21 apps you’re going to read about here are
already adapted.

Sharing & Collaboration

Air Sharing HD

As you may know too well already, the iPad lacks a USB port, SD slot, or any
removable storage support. Besides the $29
adapter kit,
the Wi-Fi or 3G connection is pretty much all you have to transfer documents,
photos, and other files in and out of the iPad. This $9.99 app leverages the
Wi-Fi connectivity to make accessing and transferring files easy. It lets you
mount the iPad as a drive on your Windows, Mac, or Linux computer so you can
drag and drop files. Additionally, its web-based interface lets you access the
iPad from any web browser.

2. Skype

Though the iPad isn’t a phone, you can make and receive calls via the
Internet phone provider Skype when connected
to a Wi-Fi network. Remember, calls to or from
other Skype users are free and unlimited landline/mobile calling is only a
couple bucks a month. At the time of this writing, Skype is still working
on 3G support and an app specifically designed for the iPad.

3. textPlus

Since the iPad isn’t a phone, you can’t send or receive SMS or MMS text
messages, right? Wrong! You can email and participate in social networking with
the iPad, so you shouldn’t have to pull out your phone just to text a colleague,
friend, or family member. This free, AD supported, app lets you send and receive unlimited texts right on the iPad, without
a phone number. Plus the app offers group texting features where you can join or
start texting communities — its the new chatroom. To
get rid of the ADs, purchase it for just $2.99.

textPlus, top iPad apps for business pros

textPlus iPad app

4. Webex
for iPad

If you ever participate in Webex meetings over the Internet, download this
free app to attend or conduct meetings with your 3G or Wi-Fi iPad. You can see
any shared documents, applications, or desktop. Plus you can collaborate with
the other participants with voice and/or text chat. You don’t even need a WebEx
account to attend, only to start meetings.

Webex for iPad, top iPad apps for business pros

Webex for iPad app

5. Fuze Meeting

This free app is from another web conferencing service,
Fuze Meeting. You can start or join
web conferences. You can share and chat with participants, all protected with
enterprise-grade security. Fetch attendants by calling them into the meeting. At
the time of this writing, they’re currently working on a
iPad version.

6. GoToMeeting
for the iPad

Here’s yet another free app for a web meeting service,
GoToMeeting. Like Webex, this app
was built specifically for the iPad. However, keep in mind this app is only for
attending; you can not host a GoToMeeting session with it.

7. Dropbox

This free app gives you access to the Dropbox online storage service, free
for up to 2GB of disk space. Dropbox lets you synchronize, backup, share, and
access your files from just about every device: the iPad and several mobile
phones and from Windows, Mac, and Linux computers. From the iPad app, you’ll be
able to access your files and stream any music or videos. You’ll also be able to
upload and sync content. Want to share something with a colleague or friend? You
can quickly email a public link.

8. Desktop Connect

The iPad might not be able to do everything a PC can do, but with this app it
comes close to it. For $11.99, you’ll be able to view and control your desktop
or laptop just like you were sitting in front of it. Use it to access files or
software, or even just to get Flash support, which the iPad unfortunately lacks.
It’s compatible with both the RDP and VNC protocols, supporting Windows, Mac, and
Linux computers. Currently, they’re working on updates for better 3G support.

Desktop Connect, top iPad apps for business pros

Desktop Connect iPad app


GoDocs for iPhone/iPad

If you use the web-based Google Docs apps to create or share documents, this
one is for you. Google offers a mobile
of the site, but this app gives you a better GUI and more features.
It supports local documents, offline viewing, revisions, e-mailing, and Wi-Fi
sharing and uploading. If you’re an avid user, the $3.99 price is well worth it.

Productivity, Reference, & Travel

iWork for iPad

Unfortunately, the iPad doesn’t let you work with office documents right out
of the box. If you’re an Apple fan or Mac user, you’ve probably heard of iWork.
If you haven’t, it’s Apple’s office suite, much like Microsoft Office.
Well, three of the apps have been designed for iPad: Pages (word processor),
Numbers (for spreedsheets), and Keynote (for presentations). Each can export to
the appropriate Microsoft format or as a PDF. You can purchase them for $9.99 each.

iWork Pages for iPad, top iPad apps for business pros

iWork: Pages for iPad app

11. Office_ HD

If you aren’t an iWork fan or would like to save some cash, consider
this third-party app for $7.99. It lets you
view, create, and edit Word (doc) documents and Excel (xls) spreadsheets. It
works with Google Docs, MobileMe iDisk, and includes other neat sharing features
for Windows and Mac.

Office_ HD, top iPad apps for business pros

Office_ HD iPad app


Dragon Dictation

Can’t get the hang of the touchscreen keyboard? Well, this vendor claims that their
free voice recognition software can help you type 5 times faster. You might want
to give it a try. Send a quick email, make notes, update Twitter, or tell it
your life story. Just remember that this app requires an active Wi-Fi or 3G
Internet connection while it’s transcribing.

Google Mobile App

You can always bring up Google in the browser, but you might find the app
more convenient. You can search with your voice, review search history, get
quick access to other Google services, and more. It even remembers
where you’re at, so you don’t have to keep typing it when searching for local
businesses or directions.

Google Mobile App, top iPad apps for business pros

Google Mobile iPad app

Roambi Visualizer

If you’re in Sales, Marketing, or Management, here’s one for you. It takes
your company’s reports and data, from several supported sources and apps, and
provides you with a mobile dashboard of your company’s latest information.
Browse the charts during the morning coffee or do some quick analysis before a
meeting. The free service supports HTML tables, CSV, Excel, and Salesforce CRM
for the data sources. Premium services offer more features and support
additional sources.

Roambi Visualizer, top iPad apps for business pros

Roambi Visualizer iPad app


On-Core Time Master

This $9.99 app is targeted for consultants, attorneys, or contractors
who work with multiple clients and jobs. It helps you track the time and
expenses you spend on each assignment. You can view and share daily reports in
HTML or CVS. Plus with an add-on module you can generate invoices and export
data to Quickbooks. Then so you don’t loose your valuable info, you can back it
up to your PC via Wi-Fi.


If you’re a road or sky warrior, this app can help you record, track, and
report all your expenses and mileage. It supports the major currencies, includes
reporting and exporting via email or Wi-Fi, and features password protection.
Plus it helps you track the status of reimbursements.

17. Flight Track

This is a must-have app for frequent flyers. It does more than just check for
flight delays. It tracks all the flight info, including gate numbers and baggage
claim details, and lets you easily share it with colleagues or family. View the
flight path overlaid with a live weather radar map so you can predict delays.
Its $4.99 for the basic app and $9.99 for the Pro version which includes
enhanced updates and TripIt support.

Flight Track, top iPad apps for business pros

Flight Track iPad app

On the Go Pro

This app offers the same features you’ll find on a desktop FTP client. This
is great if you’re a webmaster and want to make a few site changes when away
from the office. Other business users might also find it convenient to upload or
download, stream, or edit files right from the iPad.

Social Networking

TweetDeck for iPad

If you’re a Twitter addict, you ought to check out this free iPad app. It
supports multiple accounts, geotagging, and has a customizable multiple column
display. You can tweet, upload photos, reply, retweet, and direct message. You
can also view user profiles, follow/unfollow, block/unblock. If you do some
digging, you might even find some hidden features and gestures.

TweetDeck for iPad, top iPad apps for business pros


TweetDeck for iPad

20. LinkedIn

Whether you want to reconnect with past colleagues, advance your career, or
find a job, you can network with professionals on
LinkedIn. Though developed by
LinkedIn, currently this app isn’t customized for the iPad.
Nevertheless, you might find it more useful than using the web interface. You
can search for and add people, check your messages, update your status, and do
pretty much everything else.

21. Wikipanion for iPad

As a staffer on the run, you sometimes need a fast information source — about anything. This iPad app will enable you to quickly scour Wikipedia for some easily digestible factoids. Quick, what year did that happen? What about that technology, product, person? Do some brief research ahead of time and appear ready for the big meeting.

Eric Geier has authored many networking and computing books for brands like For Dummies
and Cisco Press. He’s also the Founder and CEO of
NoWiresSecurity, which helps
businesses easily protect their Wi-Fi network.

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