Friday, May 7, 2021

Tip: BlackBerry – Organizing Applications

Download something on your new BlackBerry, and if it’s an application, you’d probably like to find it in the Applications folder. A ringtone? You know where. But, the BlackBerry Pearl Flip will stick Facebook for BlackBerry, for example, in your Downloads folder.

To move it to your home screen or your applications folder:

  • Navigate to Facebook icon (or the icon for whatever you downloaded that you’d like to move).

  • Select it and highlight it.

  • Click the Menu button.

  • Select Move if you only want to reposition it within the folder where it is (then use the trackball to put it in its new space and press the trackball when you’re done).

  • Select Move to Folder and then a list of available folders will come up.

  • Select where you want it to be stored.

    Now if you can’t find it, it’s your own fault (but don’t worry, BlackBerry includes some handy search feature).

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