Thursday, December 1, 2022

Smallest Wi-Fi Chip Yet?

EE Times of Asia is reporting that NXP Semiconductors of the Netherlands (formerly Philips Semiconductors) will start sampling a new Wi-Fi chip to customers that may be the smallest yet.

The GBM220 chip supports 802.11b/g and integrates the radio, baseband and MAC in a single 81-pin package that measures 5 x 5 mm. A single antenna for the device will support it and a Bluetooth chip, as well. It will also support NXP’s power management, and will meet the usual Wi-Fi requirements for WPA2 and WMM, plus Cisco Compatible Extensions (CCX) for better use with Cisco infrastructure found in enterprise WLANs.

NXP has drivers for all the major operating systems, including those found on handhelds: Windows Mobile, Symbian and Linux.

NXP also makes chips for WiMax and cellular systems.

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