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These Internet of Things devices are revolutionizing home automation, health care, manufacturing, retail, heavy industries and more.
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51. Misfit

Misfit makes several different fitness and sleep trackers, including one waterproof model designed for swimmers and the no-frills Flash model, which is one of the least-expensive products of this kind on the market. The company also offers some connected lighting products.

52. Samsung Gear Fit

This dustproof, water-resistant fitness tracker features a curved display and long-lasting battery. It can also receive alerts about emails and text messages, and it integrates with Samsung's S Health app.

53. Withings Blood Pressure Monitor

Extremely easy to use, this blood pressure monitor slips over your arm, takes your blood pressure readings and sends the results to your smartphone where they are tracked over time. The same company also makes other health-related IoT products like fitness sensors, oxygen sensors, baby monitors, scales, thermometers and more.

Miscellaneous IoT Devices

54. Click and Grow

If you thought gardening was a low-tech activity, meet Click and Grow, the smart indoor garden. The company claims it helps balance oxygen, water and nutritional ingredients to help plants grow better and faster.

55. Deeper

Designed for fisherman, Deeper is a portable fish finder that transmits sonar readings to your smartphone. Simply attach Deeper to your line and cast it into the water. Then check your phone to see the water depth and temperature, bottom contours and where the fish are hiding.

56. Theatro

Designed for the retail and hospitality industries, Theatro makes a wearable WiFi-based communication device designed to improve worker productivity. It weighs just an ounce and a half, and helps hourly workers stay in touch with each other and receive quick answers to questions.

57. Whistle

Have a dog who likes to run? Whistle is an Internet-connected collar that tracks your pet's location and activity level. It can also monitor your pet's health trends, making it a little bit like a FitBit for dogs.

Development Boards IoT Devices

58. Arduino

Arduino sells a variety of IoT development boards and related accessories, many of them based on open source hardware designs. They offer special collections for kids and home hobbyists as well as more serious products for inventors and developers.

59. BeagleBoard

This organization offers credit-card sized computers under the BeagleBone brand name. Most of the boards can run Linux or Android, and they are based on open source specifications.

60. Cypress IoT Products

Cypress recently purchased Broadcom's IoT product portfolio. It includes Bluetooth sensors and smart tags, microcontrollers and system on a chips (SoC), as well as the WICED IoT Platform for developing IoT applicaitons.

61. Flutter

Aimed at hobbyists, students and engineers, Flutter modules incorporate ARM processors, long-range wireless capabilities, built-in battery charging and an integrated security chip. The organization says its products are "an ideal choice for robotics, wireless sensor networks, consumer electronics, and educational platforms."

62. Gemalto Cinterion

Although Gemalto is primarily a security company, it also offers a portfolio of IoT and machine-to-machine (M2) products. It offers modules and terminals based on a variety of standards for automotive and industrial use.

63. Intel Gallileo

Intel describes its IoT development board as "an excellent learning platform that can meet the demands of advanced projects." The Gallileo Gen 2 Board features an Intel Quark SoC processor, 256MB RAM, multiple ports and support for Arduino.

64. Microduino

Also based on the Arduino platform, Microduino boards and related modules are about an inch square and stackable. Basic modules start under $10, and the company also offers kits for building your own robots, quadcopters, weather stations and more.

65. OpenMote

This firm offers open source IoT hardware, including computing modules, interface boards, and battery modules. Pre-built devices are somewhat more expensive than many other open source boards, with the OpenMote-CC2538 computing module retailing for 90.00€.

66. OpenPicus FlyPortPRO

OpenPicus positions itself as an end-to-end platform provider for IoT, and aims to help other companies get off the ground with their own IoT products. Its development board is called the FlyPort Pro, which comes in a wide variety of models. Starter kits are also available.

67. CrowdSupply Pinoccio

With Pinoccio's Arduino-compatible Scout nodes, users can build a highly efficient mesh network (which Pinoccio calls a Troop). A single Scout costs $59, or you can get a starter kit for $149.

68. Raspberry Pi

Undoubtedly the best-known of all the IoT development boards, the Raspberry Pi is actually a complete computer the size of a credit card. The third-generation model includes 1.2GHz 64-bit quad-core ARMv8 CPU, Bluetooth, 1 GB RAM, 4 USB ports, an Ethernet port, a Micro SD card slot and much more. It costs around £30.00, and purchasing is available through a network of distributors.


Short for "solar powered data acquisition," SODAQ offers Arduino-compatible boards, modules and sensors that are powered by the sun. The company also develops custom IoT solutions for clients.

70. Tessel

Tessel is a modular IoT and robotics platform designed to enable fast prototyping. Boards come with Node.js preinstalled, and prices for boards start under $50.

71. UDOO

This company offers boards based on open source hardware designs. It's primary products are the introductory-level Neo ($49.90), the more powerful Quad/Dual ($135) and the x86, which is being funded through Kickstarter but is available for pre-order.

Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) IoT Devices

72. Google Cardboard

A surprisingly low-tech approach to virtual reality, Google Cardboard requires users to slot an Android smartphone into a cardboard (or plastic) viewer that they can make themselves or buy. For nostalgic toy lovers, there's also a viewer that looks like a Mattel View-Master.

73. Microsoft HoloLens

Designed primarily for enterprise use, Microsoft HoloLens is an augmented reality device that can assist with design work, communication, training and more. Development Edition devices sell for $3,000.

74. Oculus Rift

Facebook's Oculus Rift device offers consumers a virtual reality experience for playing games, watching movies and other entertainment experiences. Devices cost $599, and in order to use them buyers will need a compatible PC.

75. Samsung Gear VR

Powered by Oculus technology, Samsung's VR headset integrates with its Galaxy line of smartphones. Key features include a Super AMOLED display, wide field of view, precise head tracking and low latency.

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