Microsoft Sets Windows Server 2003 Pricing

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With Windows Server 2003 scheduled for its coming out party on April 24, Microsoft Monday unveiled a pricing guide for the server operating system.

The pricing guide is also a first look at the pricing for a new version of Microsoft's server operating system: Windows Server 2003 Web Edition. With a suggested retail price of $399, the Web Edition is a bare bones version of the Standard Edition geared to serving Web pages. The edition does not require client access licenses (CALs) and features a 2G limit on memory and 2-way symmetric multiprocessing (SMP).

However, Microsoft noted that the Web Edition won't be available in all channels, suggesting customers should contact their system builders, OEMs or resellers for more information.

For the most part, the Microsoft's licensing model for Windows Server 2003 requires customers to buy CALs in addition to the software. In a departure from its previous practice customers can buy CALs either for a designated device or a designated user. Previously, the CAL would be attached to a particular computer. By offering CALs purchased for an individual user, Microsoft is striving to be flexible in meeting customer demands by allowing users to access the server from multiple devices.

Microsoft is offering Windows Server 2003 Standard Server with five CALs (user or device) for $999, while the same edition with 10 CALs is going for a suggested price of $1,199. both are 4G with 4-way SMP. It is offering its Windows Server 2003 Enterprise Edition -- a replacement for its Advanced Server offering -- with 25 CALs for $3,999.

Microsoft's Windows Server 2003 Datacenter Edition will only be available through qualified OEMs, and the software giant did not release pricing information on that version.

Customers can also buy additional packages of CALs. Microsoft said that $199 will purchase a Windows Server 2003 Client Access License 5-pack, consisting of five additional CALs. An additional 20 CALs go for $799. There are also packages for Windows Server 2003 Terminal Server (TS) CALs; 5 TS CALs go for $749 and 20 TS CALs for $2,669.

Companies that need to provide external users with access to Windows Server 2003 software can purchase External Connector Licenses, though they are only available through the company's volume licensing programs. a Windows Server 2003 External Connector License goes for $1,999, while a Terminal Server External Connector License goes for $7,999.

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