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Top Edge Data Center Companies

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Edge data centers are smaller than most data centers, closer to end-user data, and connected to multiple data centers. 

Enterprises typically work with edge data centers to be more hands-on with the data, reduce latency, and extract more front-line analytics. 

The edge data center market is estimated to grow from a value of around $6.5 billion in 2020 to $21.4 billion by 2027, according to ResearchandMarkets.

See below to learn all about edge data center technologies and the top companies in the edge data center market:

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Choosing the edge data center companies

  • Top edge data center companies
    • American Tower
    • Edge Data Solutions
    • Edgeconnex
    • Frontier Communications
    • H5 Data Centers
    • Leading Edge DC
    • SBA Edge
    • Proximity Data Centres
    • Dart Points
    • 1623 Farnam
  • Edge data center companies features
  • Edge data center companies benefits
  • Use cases


Top edge data center companies

American Tower

Boston-based American Tower is a telecommunications company that has about 222,000 communication sites, with about 43,000 sites in the United States and Canada, and American Tower has about 179,000 properties internationally. American Tower’s portfolio includes American Tower Edge Data Centers.

American Tower Edge Data Centers can give enterprise network elasticity optimization; provide disaster recovery and network redundancy; offer cloud services; security enhancement; high-bandwidth connections; and have other applications such as artificial intelligence (AI) autonomous driving, and the internet of things (IoT).

“American Tower is a business interested in B2B relationships, which is rare in the data center industry. Working with major data center providers, sometimes the relationships are purely transactional. The fact that American Tower is B2B focused means a lot to Villa-Tech and our customers,” says Miguel Villarreal, Principal, Villa-Tech, Inc., a user of American Tower Edge Data Centers.

American Tower Edge Data Centers won the 2021 Light Reading Leading Light Awards for their innovative edge computing solutions, by Villa-Tech, Inc.


  • Man-trap doors
  • Network Ops Center (NOC)
  • Remote hands services


For pricing, go to American Tower’s contact page.


Edge Data Solutions

Edge Data Solutions, based in Atlanta, Georgia, is an IT services and consulting company that specializes in data centers, crypto mining, and cloud infrastructure. Edge Data Solutions also has an emphasis on edge data centers. Their benefits are based on their five key pillars: reliability, efficiency, sustainability, profitability, and scalability.

Edge Data Solution’s edge data centers want to reduce the CO2 footprint of data centers. The approach has three parts: data center tanks, enterprise modular containers, and edge fluids. The data center tanks are stainless steel tanks that are racked to accommodate 21” wide servers. The enterprise modular containers are made to sustain high winds and heavy loads enabling the operator to move quickly. The edge fluids give hardware protection, customized solution, reduced hash rate spikes, and are professionally engineered.

“EDGE’s first-of-a-kind solutions provide the best overclock performance free of hash rate peaks while giving the blockchain community a unique opportunity to lead the world in next-generation cooling technology,” says Daniel Wong, co-founder and president of Edge Data Solution.


  • Three separate parts
  • Maximize hardware efficiency and lifespan by 30%
  • 60% less of a footprint


For pricing, go to the Edge Data Solutions contact page.



Herdon, Virginia-based EdgeConneX is a telecommunications company that focuses on keeping up with the growing demand for data, content, cloud services, and computing.  EdgeConneX has 40 data centers globally that cover edge, far edge, and hyper-scale data centers. EdgeConneX data centers, Edge Data Centers, are some of the top products in edge data centers.

Edge data centers are designed to be in the correct proximity for an enterprise, assist in delivering and distributing digital content, have high-density power of up to 30 kW per rack, offer network diversity, and offer a self-service management application called EdgeOS.

“The EdgeConneX Edge Data Center model enables new opportunities for in-market interconnection that offer a substantial performance improvement over the traditional centralized interconnection model,” says Noam Freedman, senior VP, Networks & Chief Network Architect at Akamai Technologies, a user of EdgeConneX Edge Data Centers.

EdgeConneX won the “Competitive Strategy Leadership Award” by Frost & Sullivan.


  • EdgeOS
  • Network diversity (MSOs, ISPs, fiber, mobile provider)
  • up to 30kW per rack


For pricing, go to EdgeConneX contact us page.


Frontier Communications

Frontier Communications, based in Norwalk, Connecticut, is a telecommunications company that offers gigabit speeds for consumers and businesses in 25 states. Frontier aims to build critical digital infrastructure across the country with its fiber-optic network and cloud-based solutions and provide edge data centers for their customers.

Frontier Communications is working towards edge data centers to be able to process remote applications like IoT and 5G networks to advanced innovations like AI and quantum computing. Frontier Communications’ customers need access to their applications and data. Frontier Communications aims to bring data and workloads closer to their customers. They have 180,000 miles of fiber for their network and over 2,500 edge locations nationwide.

“We’re gonna keep on with the hard graft of building fiber as fast as we can, selling it as actively as we can, really improving customer care, becoming more efficient, and delivering what I hope is going to be the net of this, which is a truly great American turnaround story,” says Nick Jeffery, Frontier CEO, on their technology growth strategy.

Frontier Communications was recognized and awarded the “Most Innovative Broadband Project Award” by NY State Broadband Summit and Awards Ceremony.


  • Supports high bandwidths 100G to 400G services
  • 180,000 miles of fiber
  • Traditional networking and edge colocation


For pricing, go to Frontier’s buy page.


H5 Data Centers

H5 Data Centers is an IT services and consulting company located in Englewood, Colorado. It is a private owner data center operation in the United States with over three million square feet of data centers. H5 Data Centers runs nine edge data centers across the U.S.

H5 Data Centers’ edge data centers aim to support the needs of Ethernet providers, content companies, network operators, internet exchanges, and cloud service providers across the country.

“H5 Data Centers continues to make investments across our national footprint to improve the reliability and efficiency of our data centers. We are committed to energy efficiency innovation and long-term sustainability,” said Josh Simms, CEO of H5 Data Centers.

H5 Data Centers was awarded the “Data Center Efficiency Award” by Xcel Energy.


  • Network operators ROBCs, ILECs, mobile, cable companies
  • Latency-sensitive apps such as multi-player gaming, virtual reality (VR), and self-driving cars
  • Peering-internet exchange access


For pricing information, go to the H5 Data Centers contact us page.

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Leading Edge DC

Leading Edge Data Centres, based in North Sydney, Australia, is a data center operations company that’s mission is to “bridge the digital divide of metropolitan and regional Australia”. Leading Edge DC offers many products: colocation services, internet connectivity, cross-connect, and data centre interconnect. Customer premises, regional edge data centre, and metro data centre are their main use cases. Leading Edge DC’s regional edge data centre is one of Leading Edge DC’s largest products.

The regional edge data centre is where Leading Edge DC is focused with a regional edge space of 1-5 ms latency. The regional edge data centre can be close to enterprises for the best experience, build to tier-3 data centres, scalable space with high-density power, fixed OpEx investment, connected 3rd party service providers, and the business continuity of 99.985% uptime SLA.

“With a local data centre, I can build and create the configuration I need for our business needs and IT architecture, access the services, speed, stability, and security that we require, all while eliminating the cost of downtime, maintenance, and corporate overhead,” says Angus Collins IT Manager, JT Fossey Cars and Trucks, a user of Leading Edge DC.

Leading Edge DC was recognized as one of the Top Tech Startups in Australia by Tracxn and won “The Edge Award” by DataCloud.


  • Connect to third-party service providers
  • Built to Tier-3 data center standards
  • Fixed OpEx investment


For pricing, go to Leading Edge DC’s contact us page or book a tour.


SBA Edge

SBA Edge is a colocation facility that provides data center solutions. SBA Edge Data Centers’ parent company, SBA Communications, develops new tower sites to expand their tower portfolio. The tower portfolio is the backbone for their edge computing capabilities, with both data centers and infrastructure at their towers. SBA Edge data centers are a large focus of their business.

SBA Edge has more than 32,500 communications sites in 14 markets throughout the Americas and South Africa. SBA Edge offers the infrastructure to deploy edge data centers for edge computing solutions. There are three main locations for the edge data centers. One is in West Chicago, one in Jacksonville, Florida, and the other is named tower to the edge. SBA has 100% infrastructure SLAs, over 400 customers, two large peering exchanges, 100% power uptime since inception, and customizable deployment options for businesses they work with.

“I have been with this data center for over seven years and had the pleasure of visiting the center. As a QSA auditor for the PCI-PSA, I have to say this data center is top notch and they follow all security protocols. … The IT support is beyond reproach, during the seven years I cannot recall any substantial outage, I feel they were up well over 99.9%,” says a user of SBA Edge data centers.

SBA Edge has multiple certifications to maximize the reliability of their data centers including SSAE 18, PCI, Open-IX, as well as being HIPAA Certified.


  • SSAE-18 SOC I Type II certified, HIPAA and PCI Compliant, OIX-2 Certified
  • 100% uptime SLA
  • Water system cooling


For pricing, go to the estimate now page.


Proximity Data Centres

UK-based Proximity Data Centres is a network of 20 internet edge data centres with low latency colocation services. Proximity Data Centres aims to have their edge data centers within 15 miles of 95% of the UK population, and while they have customers that are both large enterprises and small businesses, Proximity Data Centres seek to protect all of their customers’ data.

Proximity Data Centres’ edge data centers are made for businesses who want to keep pace with the rising demand for more data storage and security. 5G, artificial intelligence (AI), the internet of things (IoT), cloud gaming, and other entertainment services are growing every day, making businesses need to stay caught up. With their 1000s of customers and over 134,000 square feet of data centers, Proximity Data Centres works to satisfy and grow their customer experience.

“Edge data centers will play a pivotal role in ensuring the whole of the UK, not just its major cities, is reaping the rewards of 5G,” says John Hall, managing director, Proximity Data Centres about the need for edge data centers.

Proximity Data Centres was recognized as one of the 100 edge computing companies to watch in 2022, by STL.


  • CCTV, VESDA, and IG55 fire suppression
  • ISO9001, 14001, 27001 certification
  • Over 2,000 racks


For pricing, reach out to Proximity Data Centres at


Dart Points

Dallas-based DartPoints is an IT services and consulting company that works with cloud, data center, and managed services. With around 170 data centers, DartPoints has multiple edge data centers to connect millions of consumers and businesses in 25 states. DartPoints also focuses on edge interconnection data centers for carriers, enterprises, and content providers by harnessing the power of interconnection.

DartPoints’ Edge data centers are working to manage, process, and fulfill data traffic, as well as providing 24×7 CCTV monitoring, dual authentication entry, and individually secured cabinets for security; carrier-neutral partner ecosystem for scalable and collective growth; multi-tenant, shared-cost model; and SSAE 18 SOC 2 Certified, HIPAA, and PCI SAQ-D compliance.

“The benefit of working with DartPoints is reflected in the sense of security we have housing our data and server systems in their facility. We can rely on DartPoints, and knowing our systems are running properly, we can focus on other tasks instead of wasting time making sure our servers are running,” says Cody Reid, IT systems admin, Tupelo Honey Café, a user of DartPoints.

DartPoints made the Datacloud Global Awards 2021 shortlist for The Edge Award 2021 category and received recognition for DartPoints’ innovative approach to edge colocation and interconnection building, as the company also earned the 2020 “DCD Global Awards Edge Project of the Year”.


  • Pay as you grow
  • Nationwide SLAs and N+1
  • Carrier-neutral partner ecosystem


For pricing, go to DartPoints’ contact page.


1623 Farnam

1623 Farnam is a computer and network security company based in Omaha, Nebraska. 1623 Farnam offers access to 50 network companies that have local, regional, national and international reach with 75,000 square feet of space. Omaha Interconnected Edge Data Center, 1623 Farnam’s edge data center, offers security for an enterprise’s infrastructure and applications.

1623 Farnam’s edge data center offers a minimum suite of 1,000 square feet, has more than 50 carriers with Omaha IX both IP and peering exchange, 120/208 volt AC power with N+1 UPS available, environmental awareness, and security every day of the year. They are certified in SOC2 Type 1, SOC2 type 2, ISO, and BCP.

“We are very excited to unveil this rebrand of Omaha IX. Omaha IX is a really big differentiator for us at 1623 Farnam, and we are very proud to host it. It gives our customers a unique opportunity to peer without hassle, and does a great deal to strengthen and diversify our network ecosystem,” says 1623 Farnam President, Todd Cushing, on the growth of their data centers.


  • Pre-action dry pipe zoned interlock detection
  • Facial/bio/proxy to data center space
  • Powered shell, build-to-suit, managed suites


For pricing, go to 1623 Farnam’s get started page.


Edge data center features

Location: allow enterprises to be closer to customer data

Size: smaller footprint makes it easier to process real-time data in direct communication with devices

Network: either connect to the main network or a network of other edge data centers

Hub and mobile: with edge hubs being located in the center of the network, mobile data centers, or spokes, are small and located at the edge of the data center

Edge data center benefits

  • Enhanced speed
  • Bandwidth relief
  • Data management
  • Cybersecurity
  • Reliability
  • Disaster recovery
  • Speed

Use cases


Zaxby’s is a fast-casual chicken brand based in Athens, Georgia. 

Zaxby’s required a disaster recovery and colocation site that was close to their headquarters. They also needed the data center requirements but wanted more of a partnership and support with company growth.

Zaxby’s moved data to DartPoints’ Asheville, North Carolina edge location, which is both close to the chain’s headquarters and a favorable weather area. The relationship with DartPoints left Zaxby’s comfortable and feeling safe about their data protection.

“I would most definitely recommend DartPoints to my peers. From day one, the DartPoints team has been very professional, always helpful, and very knowledgeable about the data center space itself and what they have in the data center,” says Kevin Blount, director of IT operations and security, Zaxby’s.

Windstream Wholesale

Windstream Wholesale provides connectivity between major domestic data centers. They have built into 150 data centers in the U.S.

Windstream Wholesale needed to improve their capacity and fast connections. They chose to get assistance from 1623 Farnam and the provider’s edge data center in Omaha, Nebraska, which is ideal to improve connections and access for Windstream’s customers.

“We’ve seen about a 30% increase in data traffic and about a 50% increase in voice traffic. …  And I’m very proud to say that there is no congestion anywhere on our network,” says John Nishimoto, VP strategy and product development, Windstream Wholesale.

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