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IT Salary: Sr. Business Technology Consultant

IT Salary: Sr. Business Technology Consultant

(Salary data and job descriptions courtesy of Foote Partners.)

Q1 2007 Data:

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Job Description:

Senior Business Technology Consultants are business specialists and technology generalists. They are responsible for aligning technology solutions with business strategies, working principally with client senior executives, business unit management, and corporate staff executives (e.g., finance, administration, and human resources departments). This is accomplished by assessing requirements and providing intelligence to the IT organization regarding business requirements and management needs and concerns, while at the same time educating, sensitizing, and managing the expectations of senior executives and business unit heads to the realities, challenges, and fundamentals of technology.

Desirable Experience:

•A degree in Business or equivalent work experience is required; an M.B.A. is highly desired

• Senior-level has 8 years or more experience in either of the following:

–IT experience in business systems development and implementation in a large-scale environmentacrossmultiple hardware and software platforms

–Business unit experience that includes working closely with IT in the development andimplementation of large-scale systems

•Previous experience in business process improvement is highly desirable, involving broad-based information systems and utilizing tools and techniques to effect business change

•4 years of leadership experience in project management and execution of large development projects (or co management with IT or business unit/corporate department)

• Significant experience and knowledge in new computing architectures and implementation of networked computing structures; experience with Web/I-net development and implementation is a plus

• 3 or more years of management experience in which one or more of the following has occurred:

–Demonstrated competency in strategic thinking and leadership, with strong abilities in relationship management

–Experience in managing resources to meet goals across multiple projects

–Experience in leading multidisciplinary, high-performance work teams/groups

–Demonstrated competency in developing efficient and effective solutions to diverse and complex business problems

–Demonstrated high competency in project management

•High desirable to have a working knowledge of the Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL) framework of management.

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