Tuesday, April 13, 2021

Splunk Analytics for Hadoop: Service Overview and Insight

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Bottom Line:

Splunk quite literally changed the way that many IT organizations look at log files. Its core namesake platform that enables companies of any size to make sense of their data is a well regarded industry leader.

For organizations that are already invested in the Splunk approach, the Splunk Analytics for Big Data add-on extends Splunk’s industry leading analysis platform into the world of Big Data. Simply put, organization that currently deploy Splunk will likely appreciate Splunk Analytics for Big Data.

For those that haven’t yet invested in Splunk, the Big Data component is a slightly larger step, as it is an add-on to the Splunk Enterprise platform – which organizations need to pay for first.

Key differentiators for Splunk include the ability to integrate with other elements of the Splunk platform, including security controls and Splunk’s own search process language (SPL).

Service Description:

Splunk Analytics for Hadoop is an add-on module to the Splunk Enterprise platform for data and log analytics.

The same core Splunk Enterprise dashboard is used as the basis for enabling organization to make sense of Big Data sources. The broad-based platform enables searching, monitoring, and analyzing Big Data from a variety of sources, including: Apache Hadoop and Amazon EMR, Cloudera CDH, Hortonworks Data Platform, IBM InfoSphere BigInsights, MapR M-series and Pivotal HD distributions.


  • Raw data query. Users can directly make request on raw data using the Splunk Enterprise interface.
  • Chart creation. Charts, graphs and dashboards can be easily created and shared.
  • Security controls. Role Based Access Control (RBAC) helps to ensure that only authorized entities can access to secured data.
  • Integration with Big Data sources. Connects to all the major Hadoop Big Data distributions.



Use Cases:

Solid choice for organizations that are already using other Splunk analysis tools.


Add on license for Splunk Enterprise. Base pricing for Splunk Enterprise starts at $150 a month.

Solution Splunk Analytics for Hadoop
Use-Cases Solid choice for organizations that are already using other Splunk analysis tools
Key Differentiator  Splunk’s own search process language (SPL), provides strong benefits to users
Pricing Add on license for Splunk Enterprise.
Base pricing for Splunk Enterprise starts at $150 a month

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