Monday, July 26, 2021

SAS Visual Analytics: Service Overview and Insight

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Bottom Line:

SAS Institute, commonly referred to as SAS, has been in the data analytics business for 40 years, and over those decades has developed enormous expertise in the sector – an expertise clearly reflected in its Big Data analytics tools.

SAS Visual Analytics is well suited for organizations that are looking for deep data analytics tools, that can connect to and make sense of the most complex and thorny Big Data queries. Extensibility of the platform for different types business intelligence and data reporting needs is a key differentiator for the Visual Analytics platform.

Beyond the deep analytics capabilities, the ability to collaborate and share across different devices and even Microsoft Office applications is something that many users really appreciate.

Service Description:

SAS Visual Analytics provides an environment that can be used for Big Data exploration with easy-to-use analytics and visualizations.

Interactive data visualizations are at the core of the platform, providing a way for users to understand data better and gain business insight. SAS Visual Analytics enables the creation of interactive dashboards and reports, driven by data queries that can come from multiple sources.

Key Features:

  • Visual data exploration. Automatic creating of data charts to help users understand what data means.
  • In-memory data analysis. Rapid analysis of data via in-memory optimization approaches.
  • Interactive report creation. web interface that easily enables report authors to build custom reports.
  • Collaboration. Dashboards, analysis and report can be shared via multiple mechanics include web, mobile and Microsoft Office integration.


On-premises and cloud Software-as-a-Service options.

Use Cases:

Organizations that are looking for deep analytics tools.


Available by request from vendor.

Solution SAS Visual Analytics
Use-Cases Organizations that are looking for deep analytics tools
Key Differentiator Platform extensibility for different types business intelligence and data reporting needs 
Pricing Available by request from vendor

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