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RapidMiner: Product Overview and Insight

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Bottom Line

RapidMiner offers a comprehensive suite of tools and capabilities that support data mining initiatives. It allows users to work with massive data analytics sets—along the way exploring and visualizing data. The vendor’s Turbo Prep product allows user to create pivot tables in order to sort through data more intuitively and more effectively. It generates statistical overviews and visualizations.

RapidMiner offers pre-defined machine learning libraries but also accommodates numerous third-party libraries. Consequently, the platform can tackle machine learning, text analytics, predictive modeling, automation and process control. The approach produces a fast classification and regression analysis system for both supervised and unsupervised learning.

Product Description

The platform supports both on-premises and cloud deployments. It accommodates all major open source data science formats and provides more than 60 connectors to manage structured, unstructured and various forms of big data. This makes the platform ideal for data mining and data aggregation. The platform connects to major cloud storage services such as Amazon S3 and Dropbox. It writes to Qlik QVX or Tableau TDE files. RapidMiner Studio focuses on visual workflow design.

It has a drag-and-drop graphical interface, scheduling tools, and it includes 1,500 machine learning algorithms and functions—as well as templates for common tasks involving predictive analytics. RapidMiner Studio also runs ETL processes directly inside the database, it supports MySQL, PostgreSQL, and Google BigQuery, and it offers robust model validation features. RapidMiner AutoModel delivers an automated framework for machine learning and predictive analytics, while TurboPrep simplifies data management tasks.

Overview and Features

User Base

All levels of data users, from non-data scientists to experts.


Graphical drag-and-drop.


RapidMiner supports more than 40 files types, including SAS, ARFF, Stata and via URL. It supports NoSQL, MongoDB and Casandra, and its Radoop product extends data environments into the open source Hadoop space. It connects to Amazon S3 and Dropbox. It writes to Qlik QVX or Tableau TDE files.

Reporting Formats

Ad hoc analysis

Ad hoc reporting


Trend Indicators

Customizable dashboards

AI and Machine Learning Support


User Sentiment

RapidMiner earned a 4.2 rating at Gartner’s Peer Review site. It was a recipient of a Customers’ Choice 2018 award in the Data Science and Machine-Learning Platforms category.


The Small version handles 100,000 data rows and costs $2,500 per year per user (with two logical processors). The Medium version supports 1 million data rows and costs $5,000 per user per year (with four logical processors). The Large version supports unlimited data rows and logical processors for $10,000 per user per year.

Focus All-in-one platform with a comprehensive set of tools and features
Key features and capabilities Offers pre-defined machine learning libraries but connects to numerous third-party libraries. Runs ETL directly within the database. Supports MySQL, PostgreSQL and Google Big Query.
User comments Powerful and flexible, very fast; offers advanced features. Accessible to non-data scientists but can present a learning curve.
Pricing and licensing Small version costs $2,500 per year per user. Medium version costs $5,000 per user per year. Large version runs $10,000 per user per year.

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