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Oracle Business Intelligence: Product Overview and Insight

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Bottom Line

Oracle offers several products designed to handle data mining, business intelligence and data analytics. The most prominent product, Oracle Business Intelligence 12c, takes aim at big data with powerful reporting and analytics tools that handle a variety of tasks, including data visualizations, mobile tools and sophisticated mash-ups. The integrated self-service platform is designed to help business leaders and others explore and share data. It includes pre-built templates and scripts while allowing customization.

The platform has in-memory enhancements that speed query performance and improve performance overall. It includes eight components: Business Intelligence Server, Business Intelligence Answers, Business Intelligence Dashboards, Business Intelligence Delivers, Scorecard and Strategy Management, Business Intelligence Publisher, Real-time Decision Server and Data Visualization.

Product Description

Oracle Business Intelligence is an all-in-one solution that encompasses every aspect of data mining and analytics. It represents Oracle’s most complete data analytics framework. Users can tap a variety of data sources, including Oracle databases, Hadoop and others, to produce robust dashboards, reports, charts and other elements. The platform supports sharing in numerous formats, and it includes strong data visualization tools. It also includes advanced analytics capabilities, such as the ability to produce mash-ups using R scripts in batch mode.

The mobile component includes tools for building mobile analytical apps without the need to write code along with a framework that supports natural voice commands and interaction. It also includes strong security tools designed specifically for mobile data platforms.

Overview and Features

User Base

Designed for all levels of users, from non-data scientists to data scientists.


Graphical drag-and-drop.


Overall, Oracle BI offers strong ETL and integration features that pull data from numerous file types, including text, spreadsheets and Hyperion. However, customizations can be complex and difficult.

Reporting Formats

Ad hoc analysis

Ad hoc reporting


Profit analysis

Automated and scheduled reporting

Customizable dashboards

AI and Machine Learning Support

Yes. The product includes hundreds of pre-built functions and scripts for predictive analytics.

User Sentiment

Oracle has a 3.7 rating at Gartner Peer insights.


Per user licensing starts at $3,675 per year. The Oracle Foundation Suite pre-processor license is additional.

Oracle Business Intelligence
Focus Designed to work seamlessly within the Oracle product universe.
Key features and capabilities Tightly integrated with Oracle databases and applications. Supports Hadoop and other open source formats. Strong collaborative tools and includes mobile tools.
User comments Powerful and flexible platform. But it can be complex. Some describe it as “old school” and cite infrastructure challenges. Some also complain the platform is pricy.
Pricing and licensing Free trial. Per user licensing starts at $3,675 per year. The Oracle Foundation Suite pre-processor license costs more.

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