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How Databases are Being Used by Gamepub, UK Cabinet Office, AB Tasty, University of Auckland, and Technical University of Munich

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Well-designed databases are essential to understanding how a business is doing. 

Large amounts of data first need to be handled efficiently by databases in order for companies to be in a position to analyze their data and use it to make business decisions. But there are countless ways to approach databases. 

See below how organizations are working with vendors on database solutions to improve their operations: 

Gaming: Gamepub

Gamepub is one of the leading makers of mobile games in South Korea. They have released leading titles such as “Final Three Kingdoms 3” and “Empire of Warships.”

As they grew, so did their need for stable and fast infrastructure. They switched to Microsoft Azure in 2019 to support this cause. Gamepub currently uses Azure Database for MySQL – Flexible server, which allows for high availability and cost optimization. 

They were able to save about 25 percent of resources by making the switch, which also helped to reduce operating costs. They were also able to reduce server downtime by making the switch. Azure Database for MySQL – Flexible server allows for many features that increase stability, such as monitoring tools that help the team keep resource usage in check and boost stability.

Government: U.K. Cabinet Office

The U.K. Cabinet Office and the IT services company Sopra Steria are part of a joint venture called Shared Services Connected Limited (SSCL) that helps support the IT needs of the cabinet. 

The partnership used Oracle E-Business Suite to do their job. However, transitioning to cloud infrastructure was necessary to improve security, lower costs, and reduce manual intervention. SSCL used Oracle Exadata Cloud Services to help it to migrate to the cloud. 

With Exadata, database operations were improved, administrative costs were reduced, and SSCL was able to focus more on improving the services they offered. Overall, costs were reduced as well.

Marketing: AB Tasty

AB Tasty is a website optimization and customer experience (CX) platform that helps its clients to make website improvements based on data insights. 

To make these changes requires a large amount of data. Previously, Tasty AB was able to process 1 billion events per day, and they needed to process twice this amount. 

They switched to the Google Cloud platform and are now able to process 2 billion events daily with Cloud Dataflow, Cloud Pub/Sub, Cloud Storage, and Cloud SQL. 

With their new data pipeline, they are able to handle more events quickly, with an event response time of around 32 milliseconds. 

This means that their customers are able to process data faster, ensuring that they can make any necessary changes more quickly. With their increased capacity, AB Tasty is now in the process of planning to expand to new markets.

Education: University of Auckland

The University of Auckland needs to constantly deliver high-quality services to its students. 

They used the Amazon Relational Database Service (RDS) to migrate applications to the cloud that let students complete programming exercises and other assignments. This helped the university to improve its learning offerings and show the university and its stakeholders just what was possible with AWS cloud and a database tool. 

They were able to migrate 30 applications used by staff and students within three months. This coupled with the use of the Amazon RDS helped them to strengthen their long-term business prospects. 

Medicine: Technical University of Munich

The Technical University of Munich (TUM) is working on mapping all of the proteins in the human body in an effort to help them to develop life-saving medical treatments. 

They were able to reap success on the way toward this goal with the assistance of SAP HANA and IBM Power Systems. Some of their main goals were to increase the sharing of experimental data and advance the understanding of how the proteins they map interact with drugs. 

With the SAP HANA and IBM Power systems solution, they had a fast, robust database solution that helped to advise doctors on treatments for diseases, and it led to faster responses to research queries and faster database performance overall. 

To date, researchers at TUM have analyzed 243 cancer drugs that can possibly lead to personalized treatments. They have also stored 8.85 terabytes of data in SAP HANA. This data is open to the public for research purposes.

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