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How Data Recovery is Used by Atresmedia, SG360, Alsco Uniforms, Columbus, and Orly

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The need for reliable data recovery (DR) software is growing as companies rely on more data storage to run their operations and protect data.

In these five data recovery case studies, see how companies from various industries used data recovery after an emergency to mitigate the business effects:

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1. Columbus Global

Columbus Global is a consulting and IT services company that provides digital solutions to businesses and enterprises.

Handling terabytes (TB) of data regularly, Columbus stores its clients’ data on its Exchange servers. However, when one of its database’s files became corrupt, Columbus was unable to serve a portion of its clients properly.

When Columbus’s internal IT team failed to recover the data themselves, Erik Lett, director at Columbus, came across Stellar Repair for Exchange software. By contacting Stellar, they were able to recover their clients’ mailboxes to their live Exchange server.

“Pure help assistance online, as we think the software is able to extract from corrupted mail DB (database) directly into mailbox on Exchange,” says Lett.

Industry: IT services

Data recovery solutions: Stellar Exchange Repair, Stellar Exchange Toolkit


  • Recovered all clients’ mailboxes successfully
  • Stored recovered data on another live Exchange server
  • Recovered and stored the mailboxes in Outlook PST format

Read the full Columbus Global and Stellar case study.

2. Orly Video Production

Orly is a video production and communications company that creates marketing, training, and 3D animation videos for television and commercials.

When a 6.3 magnitude earthquake hit the area, the Orly studio building was severely damaged, and the animation linear tape-open (LTO) that held all of the company’s animation output for the past 12 months was damaged after being soaked in mud.

“We have a local guy that had worked with us when he had a hard drive failure some time back. He pointed us in Ontracks’ direction,” says Ross Beck, managing director of Orly Production.

The LTO was sent to Ontracks’ Brisbane clean room, where General Manager Adrian Briscoe deemed the damage too severe and sent it to a facility in the U.S.

“We didn’t even think that there were people around who did this sort of work. It’s been a really fantastic outcome for us,” Beck says.

Industry: Video production

Data recovery solutions: Ontracks Tape Data Recovery, Ontracks Tape Restoration


  • 100% of the tape’s data was recovered
  • The data recovery process was completed within 10 days

Read the full Orly Video Production and Ontrack case study.

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3. Atresmedia

Atresmedia is a communications group that operates in television, radio, advertising, cinema, and film production.

When Atresmedia migrated a portion of its data to various cloud providers, their solutions didn’t have the right tools to provide journalists access to data nor data protection and recovery in case of a ransomware attack.

“With Commvault Complete Data Protection, we have reduced our [recovery time objective] RTO and [recovery point objective] RPO by 40%, and it enabled us to recover critical data in less than two hours threshold,” says Manuel Serrano Rubio, deputy director of operations, systems, and information security at Atresmedia. “Commvault just checks all boxes for availability, continuity, and compliance.”

Industry: Media

Data recovery solutions: HPE StoreOnce, Commvault Complete Data Protection, Oracle StorageTEK SL8500 Modular Library System


  • 40% reduction in RTO and RPO
  • Meeting service-level agreement (SLA) compliance and availability
  • Support future cloud migration

Read the full Atresmedia and Commvault case study.

4. Alsco Uniforms

Alsco Uniforms is a commercial provider of rental linen and uniforms for restaurants, health care organizations, the automotive industry, and industrial facilities.

For over 15 years, employees at Alsco have been using Outlook for external communication on legal matters. After repeat instances of sluggish performance and crashes, they were unable to access their mailbox.

Alsco was looking at a loss of 70 GB of mailbox data, compromising countless critical emails in the process.

The IT administrator at Alsco, Dianne Shaw, was able to salvage over 90 GB of outlook data using Stellar Outlook Toolkit software within 24 hours.

Industry: Work uniforms

Data recovery solutions: Stellar Outlook Toolkit


  • Recovered mailbox data within 24 hours
  • 100% data integrity with recovery
  • Minimal time and human efforts involved
  • Long-term solution for data recovery

Read the full Alsco Uniforms and Stellar case study.

5. SG360

SG360 is a direct marketing communication and printing service that offers multi-channel marketing solutions ranging from research to strategy.

As the company grew, SG360 faced the threat of slow recovery SLAs with tape-based DR in addition to having four individual on-premises data storage products.

“Dealing with that much data and backups on-premises got costly very quickly,” says Nathan Brown, System Engineer at SG360. “It’s a vicious cycle because you’re paying for expanding drives that require even more storage.

“With Druva, we know we’ll get a notification with the exact issue if there’s a hiccup. We no longer have to worry about making room for more data. We’ll always have the space we need.”

Industry: Marketing

Data recovery solutions: Druva Data Center Backup and Recovery, Druva Cloud Disaster Recovery, Druva Accelerated Ransomware Recovery


  • Managing backups 10 times faster
  • Data recovery three times faster
  • 3.7x saving on global deduplication storage

Read the full SG360 and Druva case study.

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