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Leon Yen is a staff writer for Datamation. He has been reporting on technology for over a decade and has written for CNET and BigThink. Before that, he was the co-founder and CEO of a cybersecurity startup, where he led the development of an industry-first cyber risk management platform. He has an MBA from the University of North Carolina, Charlotte and a BS in Information Systems from the University of San Francisco. In his spare time, he enjoys writing science fiction, surfing, and painting murals.

Visualization of big data technology.

Hierarchical vs Relational Data Models: A Comprehensive Guide

Discover the differences between Hierarchical and Relational Data Models. Learn what each type of data model offers and the best uses for each.
Digital pipe with binary data on a circuit grid.

Data Pipeline Design : A Comprehensive Guide

A data pipeline is an automated workflow for data processing. Learn the basics of data pipeline design & how to design pipelines for success.
AI-generated image of a business person surrounded with data.

10 Best Master Data Management (MDM) Tools

Master Data Management tools help organizations to manage and govern their data. Explore the top X MDM tools and find the right one for your business.
Business intelligence analyst dashboard on virtual screen.

10 Best Practices for Effective Data Management

Data management is essential for any organization. Learn the X best practices for effective data management, including data security, backup, and storage.
Fingerprint converted to binary values while embedded on a circuit grid.

What is Automatic Identification and Data Collection (AIDC)?

Automatic Identification and Data Collection is a technology that uses barcodes and other methods to capture data automatically. Learn more about AIDC.
Various overlays of graphs and charts.

What is Regression Analysis? | Definition & Examples

Regression Analysis is a statistical tool for examining relationships between variables. Learn the definition & common uses of Regression Analysis.
Vector illustration of a business dashboard on laptop.

10 Best Dashboard Software Solutions

Learn about the top 10 dashboard software solutions of 2023. Compare features and pricing to find the best tool to help you manage your business data.
An image of different graphs and charts.

Data Analytics for Businesses: A Complete Guide

Learn the basics of data analytics for beginners, including what data analytics is, how to use it, and the types of data analysis available.
Businessman hand using laptop computer with data host server storage icon for information exchange and transfer concept.

Data Migration: Strategy and Best Practices

Data migration can be a complex process. Learn the essential strategies and best practices that will help you ensure successful data migrations.
Law scales on background of data center.

What is Data Sovereignty and Why Does It Matter?

Data sovereignty is a legal concept that determines where data is stored and who has access to it. Learn how data sovereignty affects your business.