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Leon Yen is a staff writer for Datamation. He has been reporting on technology for over a decade and has written for CNET and BigThink. Before that, he was the co-founder and CEO of a cybersecurity startup, where he led the development of an industry-first cyber risk management platform. He has an MBA from the University of North Carolina, Charlotte and a BS in Information Systems from the University of San Francisco. In his spare time, he enjoys writing science fiction, surfing, and painting murals.

Creative digital network and coding background.

What is a Network Data Model? Examples, Pros and Cons

A network data model is a type of database model that organizes data into a graph-like structure. Learn more about network data models and their advantages.
Flow chart or business processes reengineering.

What is a Logical Data Model? Definition and Examples

Logical data models are used to design databases and outline the relationships between data elements. Learn the fundamentals and benefits of this model.
Hand working with virtual project manager interface and icons.

Top 10 Cloud Project Management Tools for 2024

Looking for the best cloud project management tools? Here are the top 10 tools for project management in the cloud. Check out the list now.
Visual concept of big data and analytics.

3 Types of Data Modeling: Analyzing Data Modeling Examples

Data modeling is the process of creating a data model for the data to be stored in a database. Learn about the types of data modeling and uses.
Businessman working on a data management system interface on a virtual screen.

10 Best Data Management Tools

Data management tools help organizations store, manage, and analyze data. Explore the 10 best data management tools for 2023.
Data visualization of complex timeseries line graph, generative AI.

What is Time Series Analysis? Definition, Types, and Examples

Time series analysis is a statistical method used to analyze data points collected over a period of time. Learn more about its definition, types, and examples.
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10 Best Data Mining Tools

Data mining tools help organizations to discover patterns and relationships in large datasets. Explore the 10 best data mining tools for 2023.
Digital chart graphs, diagrams and indicators on dark blue blurry background.

What is Factor Analysis? Definition, Types and Examples

Factor analysis is a statistical technique used to identify the underlying structure of a dataset. Learn about the types of factor analysis and examples.
Businessman interacting with a virtual screen with virtual displays on a laptop.

Top 7 Data Modeling Tools You Need to Know

Data modeling tools are essential for businesses to understand their data and make informed decisions. Discover the top data modeling tools you need to know.
Big data technology futuristic background

Logical vs Physical Data Model: A Comprehensive Guide

Learn the differences between a logical data model and a physical data model, how they are used, and how they work together. Get the guide now.