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To solve numerous data challenges, many organizations are turning to master data management (MDM) solutions. These tool help break down data silos by creating a single source of truth for enterprise data, and they greatly improve Big Data management. Depending on how companies configure their MDM solutions, they may also be able to push out updated data to other systems.

When selecting an MDM solution, organizations have dozens of different vendors to choose from. Some are pure-play startups that offer only MDM or similar services, some are slightly larger companies that offer a range of data management and integration tools, and some are very large enterprise software vendors that have a broad portfolio of products.

Before choosing a solution, organizations should consider how they want to deploy their MDM software — in an on-premise data center, in a public cloud, in a private cloud, or in a hybrid cloud. They need to examine their data integration strategy.

In addition, they’ll need to determine whether the applications they are considering will be able to integrate all of their data sources. Cost, security features and time to value are also important, and companies may also want to consider whether the solutions on their short lists are keeping up with advances in artificial intelligence and machine learning, which may help them achieve competitive advantage.

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Informatica MDM

As one of the leading vendors of master data management software, Informatica counts many of the world’s largest companies among its customers. It offers an end-to-end solution that can be deployed on premise or in the cloud, and it incorporates advanced artificial intelligence capabilities into its products.

Orchestra Networks EBX

Orchestra’s MDM solution emphasizes flexibility, and it incorporates some of the features of NoSQL and graph databases. It runs on multiple platforms and is suitable for large enterprises.

SAP Master Data Governance

Organizations that have deployed SAP’s ERP, 4/HANA and/or other software would benefit the most from its MDM solution. It can run on-premise or in private cloud environments, and it incorporates data governance capabilities.

IBM MDM Solutions

IBM offers a broad portfolio of MDM products, many of which are sold under the InfoSphere brand, for companies of different sizes. Its tools integrate with Hadoop and other IBM products, and they are particularly suited for hybrid cloud environments.

Reltio Cloud

Relto’s cloud-native data management platform incorporates machine learning capabilities for queries and custom, data-driven applications. It offers reference data management, workflow management and the ability to create data-driven applications, as well as MDM capabilities.


TIBCO offers multiple data management, integration and analytics solutions, including its MDM product. Fast performance, a business-friendly interface and machine learning capabilities are among its notable features.

Riversand MDM

This cloud-based MDM solution promises fast performance and business-friendly design that promotes self-service. It incorporates a NoSQL graph database and artificial intelligence technology.

Stibo Systems Master Data Management

Best for companies with a lot of product data to track, Stibo Systems Master Data Management aims to eliminate data silos. It boasts automation and in-memory technology for fast performance.


Profisee’s MDM platform has been experiencing very rapid growth. It integrates tightly with the Microsoft stack and promises very low total cost of ownership.


This combination MDM/product information management solution offers flexibility, fast implementation and low costs. It is particularly well adapted for companies serving B2B2C markets, including companies in the food industry.


Top 10 MDM Solutions Comparison Chart

Product Key Features Integrations Delivery Target Market Price
Informatica MDM • Modular design
• 360-degree view of relationships among customers, products, suppliers and other entities
• Integration of third-party data
• Prebuilt 360 solutions, data models and accelerators
• High scalability
• Intelligent search
• Intelligent match and merge
• Intelligent security
• Data as a service
Includes data integration capabilities that support hundreds of data sources. On-premise or cloud Large enterprises, financial services, retail, healthcare, utilities, insurance, public sector and life sciences industries Available on request
Orchestra Networks EBX • Semantic data store
• Temporal data management
• Spatial data management
• Data-driven application metamodels
• Model-driven engine
• In-memory engine
• D3 distributed architecture
• Native iOS and Android apps
• Runs on many different platforms
• Informatica Powercenter
• IBM Datastage
• Oracle ODI
• Talend ETL
• Microsoft SSI
• WebMethods ESB
• Oracle OSB
• Tibco ESB
• MQ
• MuleSoft
• Aurea (Progress) Sonic ESB
• Microsoft BizTalk
• Informatica Data Quality
• IBM Quality Stage
• TIBCO BusinessWorks
• WebMethods BPM
• IBM JRules
On-premise or via the major cloud vendors Large enterprises Available on request
SAP Master Data Governance • Pre-built data models, rules, workflows and user interfaces
• Consolidation
• Centralized data governance
• Mass processing
Integrates with other SAP software including S/4HANA On-premise or private cloud Large enterprises Available on request
IBM MDM Solutions • 360-degree view of data
• Cloud support
• Multi-domain capabilities
• Supports registry or virtual MDM implementations
• Policy management
• Analytics
FlexPoint licensing
Integrates with Hadoop and other IBM products Cloud, hybrid cloud or on-premise MDM Express is for SMBs. Other products are designed for large enterprises MDM Express starts at $1,000 per month. MDM on Cloud starts at $31,000 per month. Pricing for other products available on request.
Reltio Cloud • High scalability
• Native cloud data platform
• Ability to handle complex relationships and hierarchies
• Operational and analytical convergence
• Agility and flexibility
• Fast time-to-value
• Built-in security and compliance
• Compelling business user experience
• Datastax
• Google Cloud
• MuleSoft
• Qubole
• Salesforce
• SnapLogic
• Tableau
Cloud Life sciences, healthcare, retail, financial services, insurance, media and entertainment, oil and gas, and government Available on request
TIBCO MDM • Flexible and multi-domain
• Real-time
• Secure data
• Agile MDM
• Data and workflow visualization
• Scalable
• Customizable business-friendly user interface
• Built-in machine learning engine
• Data-matching
• Event-driven
• IBM WebSphere Application Server
• JBOSS Application Server
• Oracle WebLogic Service
• Microsoft SQL Server
• Oracle Database
• PostgreSQL
• connectors to ingest data from any source, including IoT devices
On-premise or cloud Banking, energy, insurance, manufacturing, retail, telecommunications, travel Available on request
Riversand MDM • Extensible platform
• Smart business applications
• Data governance
• Multi-domain capabilities
• High-scale processing
• Cloud-native
• Streamlined collaboration tools
• Intergraph Smart Planet
• InTools, preventive maintenance strategy software
• CMMS systems
• Data warehouses
Cloud Retail, manufacturing, distribution, energy, healthcare, consumer packaged goods Available on request
Stibo Systems Master Data Management • Holistic multidomain MDM platform
• Extensible data model
• Embedded workflow engine
• Unconstrained flexibility
• Complete automation
• Built-in data quality
• In-memory capabilities
• Web-based interface
• Configurable dashboard
• Mobile device support
Technology partnerships with Inspari, 1WorldSync, Dun & Bradstreet, Edicom, Eway, Experian, GS1, Riaktr and Salesforce Cloud or on-premise Automotive, consumer packaged goods, distribution, energy, EPC, fashion and lifestyle, financial services, healthcare, manufacturing, medical devices, pharmaceuticals, retail, telecommunications and travel and hospitality industries Available on request
Profisee • Flexible modeling and deployment
• Security management
• Business rules
• Audit capabilities
• Batch integration
• Fast time to value and low total cost of ownership
• Event management
• Golden record management
• Real-time bi-directional integration
• Enterprise workflow management
• SDK/Custom Applications
Microsoft, Salesforce, SAP Cloud or on-premise Financial services, healthcare and life sciences, manufacturing and industrial, insurance, consumer goods, retail, technology and telecommunications industries Available on request
Enterworks • Dynamic data modeling
• Workflow and collaboration capabilities
• Syndication and publishing
• Digital asset management
• Globalization
• Portals
• Digital channel accelerators
• Auditing and reporting
• 1WorldSync
• 65bit Software
• Adobe
• Apache
• Connectria
• Edgecase
• Jaspersoft
• Lionbridge
• Microsoft
• Oracle
• Quark
• Salmon
• Strategix
Cloud or on-premise Automotive, consumer packaged goods, dairy, distribution, food distribution and manufacture, grocery and food retailing, manufacturing, restaurant and retail industries Available on request


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