Friday, December 9, 2022

ManageIQ Extends Enterprise VM Management

Managing virtual machines (VMs) has always been difficult because existing tools for managing the physical environment don’t work well with them.

It’s difficult to know what’s going on in a VM or to track VM clones that have been created.

Version 2.0 of ManageIQ’s Enterprise Virtualization Management (EVM) suite, released yesterday, makes these, and other management tasks easier.

Among other things, EVM 2.0 lets enterprises manage multiple VMs; track events happening in a VM even when it migrates to another physical server; discover detailed information about guest operating systems even if the VMs are offline; define security policies to prevent rogue VMs from powering on; conduct what-if analyses and enforce separation of duties.

“We can look at a storage area network (SAN) (define), get out the VMs and appliances and find out what software, accounts, processes and settings are running on it without starting them up or installing any software,” ManageIQ CEO Joe Fitzgerald told

“Then we get inside the infrastructure and look at the patch levels and the host, and bring this all together so you can see what’s going on inside the virtual machines and workloads as well as outside the workloads.”

Enterprises can use that information to take control of the environment, setting policies in VMs that, for example, prevent them running on a physical host once that host’s pre-set limit has been reached.

The EVM Suite also tracks genealogies of VMs and everything associated with them.

“There’s a lot of affinities relating to virtual machines — what software they should and shouldn’t run with — beside the parent, child, grandchild relationship,” Fitzgerald said.

EVM Suite 2.0 comes with a policy authoring tool and out-of-the-box policy templates.

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