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Artificial intelligence software is on the rise: Many of the devices and services we use every day are powered by artificial intelligence – and AI software is getting smarter all the time.


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Another heavy investor in AI, Amazon has long used machine learning on its ecommerce site to make product recommendations and predict prices. And its CEO Jeff Bezos recently said, "It's hard to overstate how big of an impact [AI is] going to have on society over the next 20 years." In addition, the company recently purchased an AI startup known as Orbeus.

15. Alexa

Alexa is the technology behind Amazon's Echo device that allows users to play music, get answers to questions, buy products and more. The company recently opened up the Alexa technology to developers who can use it to power their own apps and devices.

16. Amazon Machine Learning

Amazon's cloud computing division, Amazon Web Services, offers an AI service called Amazon Machine Learning. A free tier is available for developers who want to experiment with the service, which easily scales as necessary.


Apple's has been somewhat more tight-lipped about its AI plans than some of the other big technology firms, but there's no doubt it is investing in the area. It has several job postings related to machine learning, and it recently purchased AI startups Emotient and Vocal IQ.

17. Siri

The most visible fruit of Apple's AI efforts is its voice assistant Siri that comes installed on iOS devices. Although it has taken some criticism, this early personal assistant set the bar for similar AI-powered assistants like Cortana and Google Now.


Intel's AI efforts have largely focused on enabling machine learning, deep learning and AI with its chips and software. It has also acquired quite a few smaller companies focused on AI.

18. Saffron Technology

Intel bought Saffron in October 2015. It offers two applications: Streamline uses cognitive technology to speed the development of new products, and Advantage performs visual analytics on big data.


Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer has spoken out about the importance of AI, and the company has developed several AI tools internally to help run its various websites.

19. Caffe on Spark

This year, Yahoo open sourced a tool called Caffe on Spark that brings together two well-known open source projects (Caffe and Spark). Essentially, the project makes it possibly to perform machine learning on large Hadoop clusters, and Yahoo uses it to help run its Flickr photo service.

20. SkyPhrase

Acquisitions have also helped Yahoo expand its AI capabilities. In 2013, it bough SkyPhrase, and it now offers SkyPhrase natural language capabilities to developers as an SDK. However, note that developers need to request an invite in order to get access to the technology.


Like many other tech leaders, Marc Benioff, CEO of Salesforce, is enthusiastic about AI, predicting an "AI-first world." The company has been bolstering its AI capabilities by gobbling up smaller firms.

21. MetaMind

Bought by Salesforce in April of this year, MetaMind aims to bring deep learning and artificial intelligence to business applications. MetaMind's standalone services are being phased out as the technology becomes integrated into Salesforce's cloud computing offerings.

22. PredictionIO

PredictionIO became part of Salesforce in February 2016. It offers open source machine learning servers that developers can use to create prediction engines very quickly. Salesforce is also integrating the technology into some of its products.


23. Accord.NET Framework

This open source machine learning framework makes it easy to add audio or image processing capabilities to an application. The website includes resources like sample applications, documentation and a wiki to help developers get up to speed on the technology very quickly.

24. Apace Mahout

The stated goal of this open source project is "to build an environment for quickly creating scalable performant machine learning applications." It includes three key pieces: a programming environment for developers who are building AI-powered applications, premade algorithms for a variety of tools and a vector math experimentation environment called Samsara.

25. Braina

Short for "Brain artificial," Braina is a commercial personal assistant app for Android or Windows PCs. It has the ability to learn from information that you tell it as well as performing simple tasks on your smartphone or computer.

26. Caffe

Developed at the University of California Berkeley and the Berkeley Vision and Learning Center, Caffe is an open source framework for deep learning. It boasts expressive architecture, extensible code, fast performance and an active community of users and developers.

27. ConvNetJS

As you might guess from the "JS" in its name, ConvNetJS is a an open source JavaScript library. It allows users to train neural networks entirely from the browser.

28. Cyc

The Cycorp company offers several different semantic tools under the Cyc brand name. OpenCyc is an open source knowledge base and reasoning engine; EnterpriseCyc is a commercially supported implementation of the same technology; and ResearchCyc is a free implementation for AI researchers.

29. Deeplearning4j

This open source tool brings commercial-grade deep learning capabilities to Java. It integrates with big data tools like Hadoop and Spark, and commercial support is available through Skymind.

30. Encog

Encog is an open source machine learning framework that supports artificial neural networks, support vector machines, bayesian networks, hidden markov models, genetic programming and genetic algorithms. Available for Java or C#, it's a cross-platform tool that works well on multicore, GPU-equipped hardware.

31. H2O

This enterprise-focused AI company counts Capital One, Cisco, Nielsen Catalina, PayPal and Transamerica among its users. It offers tools for using machine learning capabilities with big data tools like Spark, Hadoop and R, and it has both open source and commercially supported products.

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