Friday, July 30, 2021

Appraising Your Investment In Enterprise Web Analytics

Forrester: This Forrester study commissioned by Google made five key findings:

Free Web analytics take residence within the enterprise. A staggering 53% of
enterprises surveyed currently use a free technology solution as their primary Web
analytics tool, and 71% use free tools in some capacity.

The merits of free are compelling. Among respondents currently paying for their primary
Web analytics tools, 66% would consider displacing them with a free alternative.

Balancing costs and benefits requires introspection. We found that 52% of
practitioners employing both free and fee-based solutions fail to effectively use more than
half of the capabilities offered by their tools.

Reliability and ease of use are characteristics that enterprises crave.

Organizations are approaching a point of inflection. Nearly two-thirds of enterprises
would abandon their current Web analytics provider given the right circumstances.

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