Friday, December 9, 2022

Weekend Edition: Datamation’s Top Stories

Some of the most popular stories on Datamation this week:

Xen Hypervisor: The Future of Enterprise IT?

Despite considerable interest in the open source virtualization tool, Xen Hypervisor faces an uphill battle in gaining market share.

IT In 2007: Budget and Trends

Gazing into their crystal ball, experts predict next year’s developments in Web-based software, security, Vista, VoIP, and other tech topics.

Tech Quotes

“I remember the first time I received a beeper to be on-call in the early 90’s. I felt so important!…That got old very, very fast.”

From Easing The Pain of Being On-Call

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IT Workers Happy, Enjoying Upward Trends

Tech staffers are feeling good about their jobs and finances – there’s hard data to prove it. Plus: what IT skills are most in demand?

Oops! Google Sent ‘Worm’ to E-mail List

Search giant apologizes for sending kama sutra worm to video blog subscribers.

Easing The Pain of Being On-Call

There are ways to lower the stess level of IT support staff – and provide better on-call help.

Countdown to Vista: Microsoft’s Past and Future

A look at Microsoft’s hits and misses puts Vista in perspective. How will this new OS fare?

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