Saturday, December 3, 2022

A Database Virtualization Myth — Debunked

What’s the latest myth you’ve bought into concerning virtualization? It probably has something to do with databases. Some database vendors want you to believe their database runs great only on dedicated physical hardware, and their expensive and proprietary solution is the only way to go. Virtualization vendors have proven otherwise. In fact, with the correct configuration, a virtualized database runs at or near native speeds.

Sure, there are solutions for MySQL running virtualized. Many people have done that. Microsoft’s SQL Server runs virtualized. Microsoft will show you how. Other enterprise databases run well when virtualized, too. But the one you really want to know about is Oracle. Would you believe that Oracle is the best example of an enterprise database that runs flawlessly in a virtual environment? It is. Based on the Xen hypervisor, Oracle VM proves that it’s time to rethink the “don’t virtualize Oracle” myth. VMware and Citrix have also done their part for Oracle virtualization.

High Availability

What about Oracle RAC (Real Application Clusters) and other high availability solutions? The answer is that VMware provides a better solution by reducing complexity but maintaining high availability. There are three major benefits to VMware’s high availability infrastructure solution:

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