Tuesday, November 29, 2022

Blue Security’s Do Not Intrude Registry

Spam seems to have no bounds.

Most people set up some type of filter to weed out the bad email from the good. That approach, has its limitations. For example, each installation requires ongoing maintenance, like keeping blacklists current, in order to operate effectively. False positives can keep legitimate messages from reaching their intended recipients.

Blue Security has created a “Do Not Intrude Registry” system and an active community of adamant users that aim to change the spam economy. They’re creating strong incentives for spammer compliance.

The concept was patterned after the US government created “Do Not Call List” for telemarketers. It was inspired by the belief that Internet users have the right to firmly demand that they stop receiving spam. Blue Security thinks that choosing not to receive spam should be respected by all email senders.

Although a government effort was launched in 2003 for a similar spam registry, the idea was abandoned because it would be difficult to enforce.

Today Blue Security’s “Do Not Intrude Registry” is enforced by the user community and its own Blue Security technology.

So enough about inspiration, let’s see how it works.

This article was first published on LinuxPlanet.com.

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