Monday, July 26, 2021

SAP Develops SAP Business Network

WALDORFF, Germany — SAP is connecting businesses to turn fragmented supply chains into “intelligent networks.”

SAP has introduced its SAP Business Network, a new portal where supply chain partners can collaborate and unify the points of interaction and integration across their networks to “move faster and smarter,” according to SAP last month.

SAP seeks to extend digitalization beyond single businesses and transform supply chains by unifying them.

The company believes businesses should not focus on “only digitalizing their internal processes.” 

The portal was developed to help businesses in a networked economy achieve “agility and resiliency” with a network strategy that allows them to see into their supply chains.

The SAP Business Network is set up to provide supply chain partners with a holistic view of their customer relationships and transactions in the network. 

Buyers and trading partners can also collaborate using shared data and workflows, applying network-wide intelligence to decisions. 

The portal integrates other SAP business networks — including Ariba Network, SAP Logistics Business Network, and SAP Asset Intelligence Network — to merge business processes across supplier collaboration, logistics coordination and traceability, and asset intelligence. 

“During this unprecedented year, the importance of the communities we’re part of has never been clearer,” said Christian Klein, CEO, SAP.

“Our new vision will build the world’s largest business community, enabling customers to easily connect with companies across supply chains and creating networked economies across industries.”

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This unified SAP Business Network is designed to “drive better business outcomes.”

It includes several key capabilities:

  • Centralized access to explore and collaborate with customers
  • Intelligent partner onboarding and registration and new collaboration scenarios
  • Configurable workbench enabling user-based personalization by role

Additional capabilities planned for availability later this year include:

  • Real-time global track and trace integrated to the purchase order application, enhancing supply chain visibility
  • New working capital solution for partners with SAP Supplier Financing, providing access to a network of lenders to help improve cash flow
  • Insights and benchmarking to compare performance with industry peers, improving customer service

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