Top Open Source Android Apps

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Top Open Source Android Apps

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Most people don't realize that they're not limited to the Android apps found in the Google Play store. There are also great open source apps available from F-Droid. The apps found in F-Droid are both open source and specifically designed for your Android device. In this article, I'll share some of my favorite open source Android apps and share my experiences with each application.

The open source app advantage

In this article, I've shared some of my favorite open source Android apps. As you may have noticed from the links, each of them is vetted and tested by the good folks over at F-Droid. This means you're working with verified open source software and the code is readily available for inspection. While it's true that there is a ton of great software on Google Play, the fact is there is also a fair amount of it that is questionable in nature.

What say you? Do you have some great open source apps that you like to run on Android? Perhaps you have a favorite video player or a music jukebox app that you can't live without. Hit the Comments and share your favorite open source Android apps with us.

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