Friday, July 23, 2021

The Future of Streaming Media

From his viewpoint as founder of Pseudo Programs, Inc., New York City’s maverick Web broadcaster Josh Harris indicates the issues that companies need to address in order to empower themselves through streaming media.

“Any significant Web entity should include net-TV (our research shows that people want video as part of their overall Web consumption package.”

– Josh Harris

Intranet Journal: Do you have an exclusive deal with RealNetworks to only use their player, and if so, how has this effected your demographic, if at all?

Josh Harris: No exclusive deal.

IJ: What sorts of criteria should companies address in order to determine whether they should look into streaming media as a way of extending their services?


1. Commitment to video streaming…e.g. it takes infrastucture and human resource allocation.

2. Any significant Web entity should include net-TV (our research shows that people want video as part of their overall Web consumption package.

3. Key question is whether to create and produce internally or externally.

IJ: How do you finance your programming?

JH: We are privately held and do not disclose financial information. We are however primarly an advertising based model.

IJ: Can you name others doing what you do?

JH: No.

IJ: What’s the most interesting thing about streaming media today?

JH: Worldwide global footprint. Virgin market. Integration of real-time communications with video.

IJ: What do you see in the future for streaming media?

JH: Very efficient television.

Stay tuned next week for the second part of our series on streaming media with industry luminaries.

Joshua M. Harris is the chairman of Pseudo Programs, Inc., the premier provider of online entertainment and the first-ever Internet television network. Harris founded Pseudo in 1994, after recognizing the burgeoning demand for original and compelling Web-based programming.

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