Over the Edge Humor Column: Windows 2000 Certification for Executives

Don't even *think* about taking a Win2K certification exam before studying our sample test.


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Posted December 23, 2000

Chris Miksanek

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Illustration by Daniel Guidera

Certification has typically been a way for people with liberal arts degrees to get jobs in the IT industry. But with technology changing faster than a Palm Pilot's batteries, CEOs are calling on you, their IT executive minions, to get Win2K certified. So you add yet another "to-do" item in your day-timer: Take the certification exam. To help you ace it (it's almost impossible not to!), we've prepared this sample exam.

Windows 2000 Professional Certification Exam for Executives

You are about to take the certification exam for Windows 2000 Professionals developed especially for IT executives. Your success on this exam depends on a number of factors including your preparedness and resourcefulness.

General Instructions
1. Proceed only when the proctor instructs you to, unless you absolutely can't wait and want to sneak a peek.
2. You must stop when time is called unless you are not finished, in which case you may holler "I am not finished" and continue with the exam.
3. Use only a #2 pencil. If you didn't bring one, you may use a rollerball, gel, or ballpoint pen. You may not use the stylus from your PDA.
4. A cell phone on "silent ring mode" is permitted in the testing area. You may also bring your administrative assistant to help you with the exam. However, you may not bring any briefcases, purses, or backpacks into the testing area--although your assistant may carry them in for you.


Time: 30 minutes

Windows 2000 Professional Certification Exam for Executives: Technical Proficiency

This section of the exam tests your technical proficiency.

Complete all the questions in the section as quickly and accurately as you can. If you do not know the answer, move on. You have 30 minutes to complete this section.


Question 1:
What is the helpdesk's extension number at your company? ______


Answer Key and Test Strategy:
Although Section 1 accounts for less than a tenth of all questions, its weight on your overall score is a high 40%. This can make or break your attempt to get certified. To your benefit, the scoring is subjective and favors the certification candidate. For instance, in lieu of responding with the helpdesk's number, you may specify your organization's general reception number with a write-in addendum to "ask to be transferred to the helpdesk." But to receive full credit, you should know the extension or be able to read the speed-dial code from your cell phone's programmed directory. Scoring of this section is immediate. The proctor will initially review your answers. Those that represent "improbable" extensions (e.g., extensions containing letters not represented on a standard telephone like "Q" or "Z," or punctuation marks other than "*" or "#") will be scored as errors, and the candidate will be dismissed. All other answers will be assumed correct because, after all, you are an executive whose reputation is beyond reproach. Sometimes a proctor will ask the executive AA to verify the response and permit the AA to make necessary corrections. The key to scoring high in Section 1 is to not be hasty. Take your time, and work with your AA.

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