Friday, July 30, 2021


Thor Wallace
CIO, Cybex International Inc.
March 2000

Lauris Ann Nance
CIO, Public Service Company of North Carolina Inc.
February 2000

Steven J. Nevill
CIO, Gerald Stevens, Inc.
February 2000

Thomas H. Murphy
CIO, Royal Caribbean Cruises Ltd.
January 2000

Doug Blackwell
Vice president, CIO, service delivery and operations
January 2000

Frank W. Enfanto
December 1999

Charles F. Gerhards
Deputy secretary for IT, Governor’s Office for information technology, Commonwealth of Pennsylvania
November 1999

Michael S. Dotson
Director of technical programs, professional development department at the Florida Institute of Technology
November 1999

John Brighton
Corporate CIO, Aetna Inc.
November 1999

Eric Goldfarb
Vice president, CIO/CTO Macmillan USA, Inc.
October 1999


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