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Chad Kime combines an electrical engineering education, an MBA, and a CompTIA Network+ certification to communicate technical concepts in plain English. With 20+ years of marketing, eDiscovery, IT, and project management, Chad values practicality over idealism. Chad spent five years providing technical writing consulting for managed IT security providers and penetration testing companies before switching to writing about cybersecurity best practices, technologies, and tools.

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IBM: Watson Discovery Review

The modern enterprise environment generates new documents at an alarming rate, which makes analysis of information increasingly difficult. Researchers and customer service teams cannot...
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Dell Technologies: APEX Cloud Services Review

A leader in the computer hardware industry, Dell Technologies also helps companies bridge the gap between old and new data center models through their...
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NVIDIA: GPU Cloud Computing Review

Two decades ago, anyone trying to handle large numbers of calculations needed to buy time on supercomputers. Today, Nvidia’s graphic processing unit (GPU) chips...
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NetApp: Cloud Portfolio Review

Organizations adopt multicloud strategies for many different reasons. Many fear overdependence and need flexibility, or some chase best-in-class specialization. Regardless of the reason, financial...
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VMware: Cross-Cloud Review

As enterprises embrace digital transformation, they must also consider the risk of local data regulations and over-dependence on a single cloud environment. Many seek...
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Microsoft Intune Review

Moving to a mobile workspace creates many complications for companies. IT teams still need to manage the licenses and deployment of applications, but they...
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VMware Workspace ONE Review

Any company with remote workers needs to work harder to protect their assets and extend security to their remote workforce. Virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI)...
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Citrix Workspace Review

The pandemic’s seismic shift to remote work created a surge in demand for solutions to secure remote access for organizations of all sizes. As...
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AT&T: Enterprise 5G Review

Business always needs to go faster. Faster computers, faster processing, and faster connections. AT&T’s 5G enterprise solution promises to deliver broadband speeds over wireless and...
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Acunetix: Web Application Security Review

To launch a modern website requires a maze of proprietary programming, open-source libraries, and legacy features. Inspecting each component for vulnerabilities takes enormous time...