Deep Analytics Actions Features

Komprise Deep Analytics delivers granular search and indexes data in place across file, object, and cloud data storage to build a comprehensive Global File Index spanning petabytes of unstructured data.

The solution leverages the virtual data sets for systematic, policy-driven data management actions:

  • Users move data they need: With the ability to create queries on countless file attributes and tags, such as: data related to a specific tag or project name; projects that are no longer active; file age; user/group IDs; path; file type and specific extensions; and data with unknown owners.
  • Eliminates manual effort of finding custom data sets and moving them from different storage silos: Komprise can create a virtual data set based on the query and systematically and continuously move data from multiple file and object silos to the target location.
  • Improves IT and business collaboration around data: As data owners/users can participate in data tiering decision-making by tagging files and creating their own queries from any combination of tags and metadata.

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“Departmental users can maximize the business value of their unstructured data by leveraging their domain knowledge to cull and find the right data sets to operate on across all their silos,” said Kumar Goswami, co-founder and CEO, Komprise.

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