Tuesday, February 7, 2023

Cisco Adds Mass IoT Support to Control Center Software

BARCELONA, Spain — Cisco is supporting for mass Internet of Things (IoT) use cases to its software for IoT cellular connectivity management.

Cisco IoT Control Center can now fulfill industry needs for mass IoT with a secure package for lower complexity IoT devices, according to the company last month.

The upgrade is intended to help Cisco’s service provider customers offer a “simpler way” to manage low-power wide-area network (LPWAN)/4G/5G IoT connectivity for emerging use cases, driving new mass IoT revenue streams.

Cisco believes as industries evolve their digital strategies in support of hybrid work, they need ways to connect and manage low-cost and often stationary devices deployed at massive scale, such as utility meters, medical devices, and agricultural sensors.

For instance, LPWAN supports a range of IoT use cases, from a water meter to a city parking meter, according to Cisco. Remote management of those devices is less complex than those requiring continuous, real-time, and mission-critical data collection, such as connected cars.

Cisco IoT Control Center is designed to give operators and enterprises the flexibility to “choose the network that works best for their use case.”

The product is delivered as a subscription service. 

“We strive to help our service provider customers enable new services and business outcomes for mass IoT to simplify data collection from millions of devices,” said Masum Mir, VP and GM of cable, mobile, and IoT at Cisco. 

“Our customers can expand into the LPWAN market using a proven platform to help a broad range of growing industries realize what the future of mobile IoT can do to transform their business.”

Cisco enables KPN IoT to “profitably capitalize” on LPWAN market opportunities through the IoT Control Center, said Carolien Nijhuis, EVP of IoT and data services at KPN. 

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