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How to Become a DevOps Engineer
By Guest Author | Careers/Staffing Article Published on August 18, 2016
Companies are eager to hire DevOps engineers, and it is not unusual for salaries of $200,000 or more to be offered to DevOps team leaders.
Executive Leadership Is Overwhelmingly Focused on Digital Transformation
By Pedro Hernandez | Careers/Staffing Article Published on August 10, 2016
A new study from QuickBase finds that the vast majority of C-level executives are bullish about their organizations' digital transformation efforts.
Employee Productivity Driving Digital Transformation in the Enterprise
By Pedro Hernandez | Careers/Staffing Article Published on July 27, 2016
Businesses are hoping to improve their workers' productivity by embracing digital transformation initiatives, but lax security may stifle their progress, finds a recent study from Dell.
CIOs Grapple with IT Skills Shortage
By Pedro Hernandez | Careers/Staffing Article Published on June 06, 2016
More technology leaders have a direct line to the CEO but many are finding it hard to find skilled workers, according to the Harvey Nash/KPMG CIO Survey.
Microsoft Build and Women in Technology
By Rob Enderle | Careers/Staffing Article Published on March 31, 2016
A student panel at the Microsoft developer conference highlighted some of the diversity problems in the industry.
Chief Digital Officer or Chief IoT Officer?
By Jeff Kaplan | Careers/Staffing Article Published on February 18, 2016
How many C-suite executives have the organizational skills to play the role of CDO or Chief IoT Officer?
Rise of the Chief Data Officer
By Pedro Hernandez | Careers/Staffing Article Published on February 11, 2016
Recognizing the value of business data, enterprises are increasingly welcoming a new member to the CxO club, according to Gartner.
IT Salary 2016
By James Maguire | Careers/Staffing Article Published on November 03, 2015
IT salary levels for 2016 reflect the scarcity of top tech talent, causing IT salary levels to move higher.