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How Data Security is Used by Air Canada, Siemens Switzerland, US Signal, Farm Bureau Bank, and CTOS: Business Case Studies

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As more companies switch to cloud computing solutions to store and manage their data, a new emphasis on data security has emerged. 

Companies are looking for cybersecurity solutions to keep up with the convenience and flexibility of the cloud, while ensuring data security to their users and clients.

Here are a few examples across the globe of how companies in various industries have worked with cybersecurity providers to implement data security solutions:

Air Canada and OneTrust DataGuidance

Air Canada is one of the country’s largest airlines that operates both domestic and international flights around the clock.

Servicing over 1,300 airports in 192 countries, Air Canada handles the personal and financial data of millions of passengers regularly. 

They needed a platform to better manage their universal privacy compliance efforts. Without a centralized system, the Air Canada team would struggle to manage their global privacy compliance efforts.

“There are hundreds of privacy laws across sectors and jurisdictions,” says Anthony Hemond, privacy counsel at Air Canada. 

“And this platform allows us to have access to an organized and structured database that keeps us informed and aware of legal changes around the world.”

Industry: Airline

Data Security Product: OneTrust DataGuidance Regulatory Research Platform


  • Reliable information on global privacy, legislation, frameworks, and regulations
  • Daily updates and alerts to keep the team up to date on the latest legislation developments
  • Key international information is translated into English for accessibility

Read the full Air Canada and OneTrust DataGuidance case study here.

Siemens Switzerland and Fortinet

Siemens Switzerland, a regional company of Siemens, is an infrastructure and energy solutions provider. 

It’s responsible for supplying Siemens’ Swiss client base with comprehensive building technology solutions that range from fire detectors and remote access products to video surveillance solutions.

Siemens Switzerland ensures their clients’ safety by managing their security devices and security cameras. They require an internet protocol (IP)-based network to keep track of all the incoming feeds and alerts. However, without the proper standardization of IT components in the branch, an inconsistency in the level of security may occur.

The company selected offerings from a single provider, Fortinet, in FortiGate and FortiSwitch for data security.

“In the past, each department procured the relevant components itself, taking different manufacturers into account,” says Roger Hiestand, head of IT security, Siemens Switzerland. 

“There was no standard and no central management.”

Industry: Infrastructure

Data Security Products: FortiSwitch and FortiGate Next-Generation Firewall


  • Implementing fundamental security at a reduced cost
  • Segmentation of Siemens industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) network
  • Managing security and access devices from a central command point
  • Implementing next-generation firewall in place of IP networks switches

Read the full Siemens Switzerland and Fortinet case study here.

CTOS and CrowdStrike Falcon

CTOS Data Systems is the leading credit reporting agency in Malaysia. 

Over the past three decades, CTOS has established a database of over 10 million individuals and 2 million businesses in Malaysia.

CTOS’ security landscape has grown more complex due to their expansion into other countries and regions, which require them to comply with stricter and more diverse privacy and security policies.

“With CrowdStrike [Falcon], we have more and more information on how the staff in our company behave, so we can design awareness campaigns targeted to change that behavior,” says Benjamin Lau Chi Meng, general manager of IT at CTOS.

Industry: Financial services

Data Security Product: Cloud-native CrowdStrike Falcon Platform


  • Increased network visibility
  • Reduced risk
  • Remote management
  • Improved compliance
  • Accelerated threat detection and remediation

Read the full CTOS and CrowdStrike Falcon case study here.

US Signal and Palo Alto Networks Next-Generation Virtual Firewalls

US Signal is a data center provider that offers managed IT services for various clients, including in health care, banking, and finance.

By operating multiple platforms by and for various vendors, US Signal experiences an increase in the likelihood of human error that could lead to catastrophic data breaches. 

They needed a solution that’s flexible and scalable for long-term use as well as real-time updates and automation. 

“Prior to Palo Alto Networks, we had three or even four different flavors of firewalls,” says Derrin Rummelt, EVP and cloud engineer, US Signal. 

“It was too difficult for customers to understand the value of each.”

Industry: Technology

Data Security Product: Palo Alto Networks Next-Generation Virtual Firewall


  • Automation reduces time spent provisioning firewalls by 97%
  • Advanced cloud security generates customer trust
  • Protection against zero-day threats

Read the full US Signal and Palo Alto Networks Next-Gen Virtual Firewall case study here.

Farm Bureau Bank and Secureworks AETD

Farm Bureau Bank provides banking services to communities in parts of rural America. 

With over 100,000 customers, Farm Bureau Bank needs to meet strict security and privacy regulations when it comes to their clients’ data.

However, as an online business with under 100 IT staff members, Farm Bureau Bank faced endless challenges to enact cybersecurity practices.

“For a bank our size, it’d be cost-prohibitive to do on our own what Secureworks does for us,” says Mark Cromer, SVP and chief operations officer at Farm Bureau Bank.

“Even though we have always focused on maintaining a secure environment, Secureworks adds a layer of control in securing our non-public, personal data and enhances our efforts to comply with banking regulations.”

Industry: Banking

Data Security Product: Secureworks Advanced Endpoint Threat Detection (AETD)


  • Faster threat isolation
  • Guards against banking threat actors
  • Allows staff to focus on customer service
  • Facilitates regulatory reporting and audits

Read the full Farm Bureau Bank and Secureworks AETD case study here.

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