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How Cloud Security is Used by Mercedes-AMG, Akamai, Qlik, Corix, and OneLink: Business Case Studies

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Utilizing cloud computing has become more essential than ever as companies look to scale up their remote operations. 

Along with the convenience and flexibility cloud tech provides comes the need to secure the cloud, especially for businesses in industries with strict regulations.

Here are some examples of how companies are working with cybersecurity providers to implement cloud security solutions: 

Qlik and Palo Alto Networks Prism Cloud

Qlik is a software vendor that provides data visualization, executive dashboards, and self-service business intelligence (BI) to customers worldwide. 

They rely on AWS cloud to accelerate their business operations and adoption of Kubernetes for containers.

But when it comes to cloud sharing, keeping customer data secure is of utmost importance. 

“So in order to secure workloads in our containers, Prism Cloud gave us both run-time protection and the static container scanning that we were looking for,” says Richard Gerard, SRE security at Qlik.

Industry: Software

Cloud Security Product: Palo Alto Networks Prism Cloud


  • Static container scanning and run-time protection
  • Accurate image-scanning results
  • Centralized workload monitoring
  • Run-time protection

Read the full Qlik and Palo Alto Networks Prism Cloud case study here.

OneLink and FortiGSLB Cloud

OneLink provides management consulting, outsourcing services, and custom integration solutions for clients in Latin America. 

With over 14,000 employees spread across 16 locations, OneLink’s business model requires reliable network connections and cloud infrastructure.

As they shifted the majority of their service agents into remote work, OneLink engaged in a massive deployment of virtual private networks (VPNs) to all of its employees to allow them to safely connect to the network.

“We chose FortiGSLB Cloud to improve the stability of the VPN connections of all our ‘incredibles’ working from, due to its ease of integration with our network architecture and cybersecurity,” says Alejandro Mata, director of IT operations at OneLink.

Industry: Technology

Cloud Security Products: FortiGSLB Cloud, FortiGate, and FortiAuthenticator


  • Secure and reliable remote access to company systems and applications
  • Stable connection for over 3,000 remote employees
  • Scalable, growth-friendly solution

Read the full OneLink and FortiGSLB Cloud case study here.

Mercedes-AMG and CrowdStrike Falcon Complete

Mercedes-AMG is an engineering company that contracts manufacturers and engineers to customize Mercedes-Benz AMG vehicles. 

They collect a continuous stream of data from 18,000 channels from their racing cars, measuring variables from over 300 sensors, and generating 1 TB of data each race weekend.

Mercedes-AMG needed a way to protect their intellectual property and data flowing in from cars, while continuously monitoring the landscape for potential threats. However, they also wanted to eliminate the burden of having to manage a cybersecurity program in its entirety.

They selected CrowdStrike’s Falcon Complete Managed Endpoint Security as a cloud security solution.

“As a team, we generate, process and analyze significant amounts of data, very quickly — we must ensure our information systems are an enabler for performance, not a blocker. But conversely, we also need to ensure they are secure,” says Michael Taylor, IT director at Mercedes-AMG.

Industry: Motorsports and engineering

Cloud Security Product: CrowdStrike Falcon Complete Managed Endpoint Security


  • 24/7 threat-hunting support team
  • Access to globally sourced threat intelligence in over 20 countries
  • Real-time data analysis for threat detection and mitigation

Read the full Mercedes-AMG and CrowdStrike Falcon Complete case study here.

Akamai and OneTrust PreferenceChoice

Akami is a provider of edge security, web and mobile performance, and enterprise access and video-delivery solutions and services globally.

Due to the nature of their work, Akamai’s platform processes 250,000 edge servers deployed in thousands of locations worldwide each day. 

This reliance on long-distance connectivity makes cloud security and data protection a priority.

“OneTrust PreferenceChoice is run by our marketing team, and the nice thing about the tool is we have had to do very little on the legal side,” says Jim Casey, associate general counsel and chief data protection officer at Akamai. 

“That’s a really powerful aspect of the tool — it doesn’t require a team of lawyers and can be used cross-functionally throughout the business.”

Industry: Technology

Cloud Security Product: OneTrust PreferenceChoice and Website Scanning


  • Gaining customer trust
  • Tool and management flexibility
  • Direct support through implementation, scaling, and upgrading

Read the full Akamai and OneTrust PreferenceChoice case study here.

Corix and FireEye 

Corix is a utility and energy solutions provider. 

They harness natural resources and provide sustainable water, wastewater, electricity generation, and gas distribution solutions for districts and communities in the U.S. and Canada.

Corix also stores, manages, and analyzes massive volumes of customer and business data, ranging from individual consumers and business partners to municipalities and military installations.

“It became very apparent how incredibly difficult it would be for our small team to respond to a major incident at Corix,” says Carol Vorster, CIO at Corix. 

“Deploying FireEye was more cost-effective than paying for the eight separate, independent security products we had deployed at the time.”

Industry: Utility and energy

Cloud security products: FireEye Email Security Cloud Edition, FireEye Helix, and Mandiant Managed Defense


  • Saved money by cutting personnel costs and independent products
  • Streamlined security operations
  • Increased visibility across threat vectors
  • Fortified security posture with Mandiant experts on call

Read the full Corix and FireEye case study here.

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