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Is Firefox 3.6 on Linux Hard to Install?

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This is a response to Installing Firefox 3.6 on Linux: Only Pros Need Apply— ed.

Back last August, as soon as Firefox 3.5 was released, I installed it
on Ubuntu 9.04 (I can never remember the animal names). I didn’t know
how to do it, because I was a rank beginner. Still am. But back then
I was about as rank a beginner as there is, because the first time I
had ever so much as downloaded a program, even in Windows, was 4
months before that, in late April. In May, after reading a number of
Ubuntu how-to books, I installed Ubuntu 8.10 and in July I replaced it
with 9.04. In August I was dismayed to learn Ubuntu would not permit
me to update Firefox automatically from 3.0.something to the brand-new
3.5. (I’m still not enthusiastic about this feature – it reminds me
too much of Microsoftian control techniques. More on this in a

I’m a reader of documentation, not so much a lurker on forums.
Unfortunately, when I went looking for enlightenment I found nothing
in ink-on-paper that offered me a prescription for performing such an
upgrade myself. To this day I don’t know exactly what steps I took to
do it, but I recall it involved downloading directly from the Firefox
site following their instructions, I think some degree of unzipping
and moving it about, and in short order there stood a link to
Shiretoko (Firefox-speak for 3.5) in the Internet section of my
Applications menu.

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