Sunday, May 29, 2022

Cynthia Harvey

Cynthia Harvey is a freelance writer and editor based in the Detroit area. She has been covering the technology industry for more than fifteen years.

EnterWorks Enable: Product Overview and Insight

Bottom Line The EnterWorks Enable platform offers unified master data management (MDM) and product information management (PIM) capabilities.This is important for customers that need a single coherent system to manage all of their...

Top Master Data Management Tools & Software

To solve numerous data challenges, many organizations are turning to master data management (MDM) solutions. These tool help break down data silos by creating a single source of truth for enterprise data,...

5 Leading Data Integration Use Cases

In general terms, data integration seems like a fairly straightforward topic: it's simply the process of combining data from more than one source. In practice, however, data integration...

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