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Network Security Q&A With Tony Anscombe of ESET

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Network security is a vital part of a company’s cybersecurity strategy.. With security breaches on the rise, it is important for enterprises to find solutions across the network level.

ESET is a global software development company with security protection in over 200 countries and territories while also having software that speaks 30 different languages. The company is based in Bratislava, Slovak Republic. 

Datamation interviewed Tony Anscombe — the chief security evangelist at ESET — who shares his perspective on the development and growth of the network security market:

Tony Anscombe

Anscombe is an executive whose key objectives are security, privacy, compliance, financial services, and child safety online. With over 20 years of international leadership experience in business development, he has led startups and served as part of executive teams for global, publicly held companies, such as ESET.

Anscombe’s leadership includes an in-depth understanding of software, hardware, and mobile technology markets. He aims to lead initiatives to drive and successfully generate market demand, resulting in business expansion and revenue growth.


Datamation: How did you first start working in network security?

Anscombe: I started my IT career working in the finance industry as a programmer. Cybersecurity was always a consideration, and it was a natural transition to move fully into the security industry.

Datamation: What is your favorite thing about working at ESET?

Anscombe: ESET was founded by researchers and today is still research-centric. I consider the company to be a research company with great products, which keeps it aligned with the values in which it was created. It’s this ethos that makes me proud to say I am an ESET team member. 

Datamation: What sets ESET’s network security approach or solutions apart from the competition?

Anscombe: As mentioned above, ESET is a research company with great products, this creates an ecosystem that creates strongly engineered products that have a foundation in cybersecurity research. Our customers reap the reward of this ecosystem every day.

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The network security market

Datamation: What is one network security technique that teams should implement?

Anscombe: Follow a cybersecurity framework, such as NIST. And check regularly that the company remains on track and compliant to the framework.

Datamation: What are some current trends in the network security market that are promising?

Anscombe: The move to password-less authentication is a major shift. The U.S. Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency found that 90% of cyber incidents start with phishing. So securing accounts with multi-factor authentication and removing the reliance on passwords could potentially be game-changing. 

Datamation: What are the biggest factors that are driving change in network security?

Anscombe: Legislation, regulation, cyberwarfare, cyber-incident reporting, and cyber-risk insurance are among the biggest factors. These drivers are pushing companies to comply with cybersecurity requirements. While this may be seen by some as an overreach, the outcome of such requirements is greater cybersecurity.

Datamation: How has network security changed during your time in the market?

Anscombe: The core principles are fundamentally the same: encryption, authentication, least privilege, zero trust, etc. However, when I started in the industry, there was no internet connectivity and networks were not connected. The digital revolution of the internet has happened during my career. The changes this has brought with it are a book of several volumes, not a sentence or paragraph.

Personnel in network security

Datamation: If you could give one piece of advice to a network security professional in the beginning of their career, what would it be?

Anscombe: Understanding how the business operates and how it delivers products or services to its customers will enable you to mold cybersecurity solutions that work for the business. Cybersecurity is a business enabler, not a hindrance, and appreciating how the business operates will ensure you deliver the best options to keep the business operating smoothly.

Datamation: For the greatest business impact, what should network security professionals be focusing on most in their roles?

Anscombe: Cybersecurity teams need to become one with the business and ensure that in all aspects of the business, cybersecurity is a consideration up front rather than an afterthought. Protecting the business from an unnecessary cyber incident will stop any reputational damage to the company and avoid customers withdrawing their business. 

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Work life

Datamation: What is your favorite part of working in the network security market?

Anscombe: The cooperation and unity in the industry is awesome. All cybersecurity professionals have one shared goal and when needed, will collaborate to achieve it, often regardless of competition or business advantage.

Datamation: What is one of your favorite parts of the work week? 

Anscombe: A beer on a Friday night with colleagues, friends, and family. When you look around the bar or restaurant, you think about all the people who benefit from the hard work cybersecurity professionals undertake every day. It’s a reminder that what we do makes a real difference.

Datamation: Do you have a favorite way to recharge during the work day?

Anscombe: A walk – I leave the office and get some steps in, even if just for 15 minutes.

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