Saturday, February 4, 2023

FCC’s Powell: Don’t Fear the Data

ATLANTA — The chairman of the Federal Communications Commission told the wireless industry to be a part of the future with improved data transmission services or risk “being run over by someone who is leading it.”

During a keynote discussion at the launch of the Cellular Telecommunications and Internet Association’s trade show, CTIA Wireless 2004, Powell said the future of convergence is the industry’s to lead, or lose.

“Data isn’t an incremental add-on, data is the end-game,” Powell said, speaking to the chief lobbying organization for major cellular industry carriers and wireless industry players.

He urged industry leaders not to look to the government to solve every problem they encounter. The comment comes at a time when the chairman is implementing a light regulatory touch with emerging communications protocols such as Voice over Internet Protocol .

If the wild popularity of another data transmission protocol, Wi-Fi , took the cellular industry’s own 3G




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