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How Hybrid Cloud is Used by BP, Morningstar, MLB, Coca-Cola Europacific Partners, and TruGreen: Business Case Studies

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Many companies have shifted toward a hybrid cloud strategy, especially as new operational and user needs arose during the COVID-19 pandemic, but every company develops and uses their hybrid cloud setup differently. 

Whether you’re looking to support a legacy app with cloud features, building a more agile development team, or using modern cloud tools to develop new user experiences, several enterprises have found success by working with major hybrid cloud providers and platforms. 

Read on to learn how BP, Morningstar, MLB, Coca-Cola Europacific Partners, and TruGreen have leveraged hybrid cloud solutions and experts to meet their goals.

Hybrid Cloud: Enterprise Case Studies

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BP on Microsoft Azure BP Logo

BP is one of the largest oil and gas companies in the world, and to support their growing infrastructural needs over the years, they found themselves developing millions of dollars worth of mega data centers across 70+ countries. 

BP teams found that they were spending more time on data center management and less time on strategic moves like application development, so they began working with Microsoft Azure to migrate their data center workloads to the cloud. 

Although BP still had localized regulations and compliance features that needed to remain on premises, they were able to find a hybrid solution by partnering with Microsoft.

“It’s a fundamental change for us to manage a hybrid architecture,” says Denis Ontiveros, security platforms director at BP. 

“We want to be more agile, and one way to get there is to start using cloud services to manage our on-premises resources.”

Industries: Oil and gas

Hybrid Cloud Use Cases: Application and cloud migration, regulatory and compliance management, application development, cloud-native management, decommissioning on-premises data centers


  • Began the process of decommissioning and migrating data from several data centers across 73 countries
  • Developed hybrid infrastructure to manage global and localized regulatory needs
  • SharePoint launched as first cloud workload and used as an example for future cloud migrations
  • Virtual machine and application testing on-demand, rather than upfront capital investment in data center infrastructure
  • Implemented a unified identity and access management solution using on-premises Active Directory and Azure Active Directory (Azure AD) for the cloud

Read the full BP on Microsoft Azure case study here.

Morningstar on AWS Morningstar Logo

Morningstar is a prominent financial services consultancy that helps customers make investment decisions through research and customer data collection. 

Some of their application and research solutions remained on premises to ensure low latency and real-time customer data results, but Morningstar elected to move many of their other resources to AWS, particularly for the advantages of cloud-powered security and other managed services. 

With AWS managing major infrastructural and administrative requirements on their tools, Morningstar has moved forward with another AWS-powered project: containerized application development and deployment.

“Our independent data, research, and solutions empower investor success by delivering insights and experiences that are essential to investing,” says James Rhodes, CTO at Morningstar. 

“As we continue to modernize our data collection and software, we want to create a containerized hybrid infrastructure and easily deploy using AWS services. With AWS Outposts, we can build once and run applications on-premises and easily migrate our applications to an AWS Region where possible. Ultimately, this allows us to accelerate the adoption of cloud technologies within our development teams, keep up with accelerating business and customer needs, and support our long-term journey to the cloud.”

Industry: Financial services

Hyrbrid Cloud Use Cases: Cloud migration, hybrid cloud management, cloud security for customer data, on-premises management, managed services


  • Outposts is enabling the business to run virtual machines and containerized workloads on premises
  • Low-latency links established to other on-premises applications
  • Simplified storage management with Amazon Storage Gateway
  • Customer data secured with embedded security features across AWS cloud storage services
  • Eliminated on-premises overhead costs
  • Full management and monitoring of infrastructure by AWS

Read the full Morningstar on AWS case study here.

MLB on Google Cloud MLB Logo

Major League Baseball is one of the most widely recognized professional sports organizations in the world and has been for many decades. 

But now, they’re working hard to modernize their infrastructure to better serve the wants and needs of fans in a digital market. 

By partnering with the Google Cloud team, MLB has improved their data management capabilities and application advancements, using features like machine learning (ML) and big data analytics to improve in-game data metrics and customer engagement opportunities.

“Every season, we work to apply emerging technology to engage and support our fans, clubs, and broadcasters in new and exciting ways,” says Jason Gaedtke, former CTO of MLB.

“We’re excited to consolidate MLB infrastructure on Google Cloud and incorporate Google’s world-class machine learning technology to provide personalized and immersive fan experiences. We couldn’t have picked a better technology partner across ad delivery, streaming, cloud computing, and machine learning.”

Industries: Sports, entertainment

Hybrid Cloud Use Cases: Customer engagement applications and services, machine learning, cloud migration, ad delivery, streaming, cloud computing, advanced data analytics 


  • Migration to Google Cloud Anthos, Google Kubernetes Engine, Cloud SQL, and BigQuery offerings
  • Complex queries run 50% faster on BigQuery
  • Improved audience insights through integrations with Looker and Google Ads
  • Statcast migration to Google Cloud increases data collection and quality during games, tracking players, umpires, and coaches across multiple games in real-time
  • Began developing a specialized fan experience technology through Google Cloud AI 

Read the full MLB on Google Cloud case study here.

Coca-Cola Europacific Partners on IBM Cloud Coca Cola Europacific Partners

As one of the largest bottling divisions in the world that covers a wide swath of territory, new advancements in supply chain and data management are key to the success of Coca-Cola Europacific Partners. 

CCEP ultimately chose to partner with IBM Cloud, not only because of their advanced hybrid solutions and analytics, but also because of their integrations and support for SAP tools that CCEP already used. 

With IBM Cloud, CCEP has democratized data, reduced expenses, and reduced time spent on infrastructure management internally.

“The selection of IBM’s hybrid cloud architecture with Red Hat OpenShift gives us the flexibility to optimize across different public cloud platforms according to our future needs,” says Peter Brickley, CIO at Coca-Cola Europacific Partners. 

“Most importantly, the move to the cloud will also enhance our service to customers, by leveraging analytics and AI to improve our operations and business insights. We have more to do, but this agreement is a key milestone in our journey to grow our business and deliver even greater efficiencies from our IT systems.” 

Industries: Beverage, bottling

Hybrid Cloud Use Cases: Public cloud use, customer service, analytics, AI, business intelligence (BI), Internet of Things (IoT), managed cloud, cloud migration, enterprise resource planning (ERP), application development, single dashboard management


  • Integration and management of legacy systems, private cloud, and public clouds from a single dashboard
  • Access enabled for SAP applications in an optimized, quality-controlled way
  • Reduced IT expenses and increased flexibility for developers 
  • Red Hat OpenShift, a Kubernetes platform, launched for improved application building and deployment
  • Deploying SAP workloads, such as SAP ERP and SAP BW/4 HANA, in hybrid cloud environment

Read the full Coca-Cola Europacific Partners on IBM Cloud case study here.

TruGreen on Oracle Cloud TruGreen Logo

TruGreen is the largest lawn care company in the United States, operating out of several states across the country. 

They have long used JD Edwards solutions for operational tools and enterprise resource planning, but to increase speed and scalability, they partnered with Velocity and Oracle to launch Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) for their enterprise tools. 

By migrating to a hybrid cloud infrastructure, TruGreen has realized faster, more accurate reporting and better communication across administrative staff and remote lawn care staff. 

“In Velocity [Oracle Platinum Partner], I have one point of contact, which helps me manage both my infrastructure and database-as-a-service needs,” says Clif Lee, director of corporate systems at TruGreen. 

“And through Oracle, I can also easily take advantage of other technology platforms through their Universal Credits Model. … Our finance and branch teams that use JD Edwards are just ecstatic over the performance. They can run financial reports and manage distribution tasks faster than ever.”

Industries: Lawn care, landscaping

Hybrid Cloud Use Cases: Enterprise resource planning software, cloud migration, infrastructure as a service (IaaS), platform as a service (PaaS)


  • The system constraints that had previously been handicapping TruGreen’s experimentation capabilities are gone and managing its systems has become simpler
  • Utilizing a hybrid cloud approach, TruGreen chose to archive its historical data in Velocity’s private cloud, while implementing JD Edwards EnterpriseOne 9.2 on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure using both the infrastructure-as-a-service and platform-as-a-service products
  • The company is able to pull additional applications into its JD Edwards suite rather than build workarounds
  • Since migrating to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure, TruGreen is achieving an average user response time of .09 seconds per user interaction
  • Overall, this has led to an immediate total cost of ownership (TCO) benefit

Read the full TruGreen on Oracle Cloud case study here.

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