Cloud Computing: Current Top Trends and Technologies


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Cloud computing has grown from emerging disrupter to the very foundation of today's enterprise IT, and yet the pace of change in the cloud sector shows no signs of lagging.

Cloud Storage and Backup Benefits

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Hybrid cloud has given way to multicloud -- or is that just hype? The concept of "cloud native" is now au courant, offering its own myriad challenges. Emerging technologies from microservices to kubernetes to edge computing are prompting big shifts. 

These many and constant new developments beg the question: what do I need to know to truly be current with cloud in 2020?

To provide insight, I’ll speak with a leading cloud expert, Bernard Golden. Golden had held number top tech positions; most recently he was Vice President, Cloud Strategy, Capitol One. Wired magazine dubbed him "one of the ten most influential people in Cloud Computing." He's the author of Amazon Web Services for Dummies, a bestselling cloud computing book.

Register for this live video webinar - Tuesday, January 21, 11 AM PT

In this webinar you will learn:

  • How digital transformation affects cloud in 2020.
  • The role of legacy systems in today's cloud infrastructure.
  • Insight into the leading companies in cloud computing - where each is headed.
  • Multicloud vs. Hybrid cloud
  • The evolution (or lack thereof) of edge computing

Bernard Golden

Bernard Golden, top cloud computing expert

James Maguire

James Maguire, Managing Editor, Datamation – moderator

Register for this live video webinar - Tuesday, January 21, 11 AM PT

Get your cloud questions answered by leading expert.