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Kashyap is a contributing writer to Datamation. He covers a range of technical topics, including managed services, cloud computing, security, storage, business management, and product design and development. Kashyap holds a Master's Degree in Engineering and finds joy in traveling, exploring new cultures, and immersing himself in Indian classical and Sufi music.

NetApp logo icon.

NetApp vs. Dell Technologies

Before the advent of cloud storage, enterprises heavily relied on in-house data centers to store, manage, and analyze their data. These data centers were...
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Pure Storage vs. NetApp

Pure Storage and NetApp are leaders in the data storage market and offer similar products and services. However, there are noticeable differences between the two...
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Seagate vs. Pure Storage

Seagate and Pure Storage are two storage hardware and software leaders that help customers store and manage their growing volumes of data. Data is vital...
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Digital Realty vs. Iron Mountain

Digital Realty and Iron Mountain are two of the leading players in the data center market. Digital Realty, mainly through its PlatformDIGITAL offering, serves...
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Iron Mountain vs. Equinix

Data centers are an essential aspect of the corporate digital transformations, and many market leaders are relying on solutions from top data center operators,...
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Equinix vs. Digital Realty

With the massive amount of data they're generating, companies are looking to modernize their compute, storage, and networking infrastructure, either on-premises or in cloud...
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Juniper Networks: Paragon Pathfinder Review

A leading network traffic engineering solution in the network automation market is Paragon Pathfinder by Juniper Networks.  A significant challenge for enterprises is to deploy...
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Arista vs. Extreme Networks

Arista and Extreme Networks are two of the leading companies in the global networking market. To help you decide the right option for your...
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Juniper Networks vs. Cisco

Juniper Networks and Cisco are two networking leaders that offer some of the top networking hardware, software, and services in the market. Juniper can...
Natural language processing NLP software processes and analyzes text in a document.

Top Natural Language Processing (NLP) Providers

Natural language processing (NLP) can help people explore deep insights into the unformatted text and resolve several text analysis issues, such as sentiment analysis...