Top 20 Artificial Intelligence Companies

These artificial intelligence companies are advancing this emerging tech through myriad variations on AI systems.
Posted September 20, 2016

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Artificial intelligence companies are sprouting up all over, though AI itself is far from new. At its deepest sense, artificial intelligence (AI) has been around for a very long time — its intellectual roots are found in Greek mythology. To be sure, artificial intelligence has come a long way recently, with rapid advancements ranging from virtual assistants (such as Apple’s Siri) to fraud detection, this emerging tech now plays a part in everyday life.

According to CB Insights, over 30 artificial intelligence companies have been acquired recently. Clearly, there is interest in artificial intelligence and its ability to improve the human experience, despite pushback from naysayers who warn of AI’s disruption. Clearly, companies that invest in artificial intelligence will have to proactively plan for unexpected consequences.

In truth, artificial intelligence holds a plethora of possibilities – and risks. “It will have a huge economic impact but also change society, and it's hard to make strong predictions, but clearly job markets will be affected,” said Yoshua Bengio, a professor at the University of Montreal, and head of the Montreal Institute for learning Algorithms.

The following 20 companies are playing a role in shaping the future of artificial intelligence and its capabilities. We featured artificial inteligence companies that are particularly noteworthy as well as those that have invested significantly in artificial intelligence. These AI companies are listed alphabetically.

Please let us know of any significant artificial intelligence companies that you think we missed and leave a note in the Comments section below.

Artificial Intelligence Companies

1. AIBrain

Based in California, AIBrain is an artificial intelligence company that builds AI solutions for smartphones and robotics applications. The focus of their work is to develop artificial intelligence infused with the human skill set of problem solving, learning and memory. Their core products include personal robots, conversational AI assistants, and AI agent games and entertainment.

2. Amazon

The online retail giant has made moves to enter the artificial intelligence space through both their services and their products. Their Amazon Machine Learning platform provides companies with the ability to predict and find patterns using data. Additionally, Amazon Echo brings artificial intelligence into the home through the intelligent voice server, Alexa.

3. Anki

With investors such as J.P. Morgan and Index Ventures, Anki has received over $180 million in funding. Dedicated to bringing consumer robotics into everyday life, ‘Cozmo’ is Anki’s flagship robot. Cozmo has been described as one of the most sophisticated consumer robots to date due to its emotional responses.

4. Apple

Apple has acquired four artificial intelligence startups within the past two years, demonstrating its big step into the artificial intelligence sphere. Siri, Apple’s virtual assistant, has transformed over the years from being a fairly simple voice assistant to being a fully-fledged digital assistant.

5. Banjo

Raising over $100 million last year, Banjo makes use of artificial intelligence to comb through social media and identify real-time events and situations that are important to its partners. The startup was developed after the Boston Marathon bombing in 2013 as a way to analyze social media to detect dangerous situations.

6. CloudMinds

Cloudminds is developing an intelligent cloud robot operator with the help of several rounds of funding from investors such as Foxconn and Softbank International. Cloudminds is working on a ‘Mobile-Intranet Cloud Service’ that will provide enterprises with a secure, self-learning and intelligent cloud platform system.

7. Entefy

Entefy is working on an intelligent system that will provide a personalized digital experience for the user eliminating the need to use a range of different applications. In January, Entefy filed 12 patents, which they stated was a major push forward for the smart system powering Entefy’s seamless experience.

8. Facebook

Serving more than 3 billion users around the world, Facebook has made strategic investments in artificial intelligence to operate more efficiently and to make sense of the data being shared on the social media network. To date, Facebook has opened three artificial intelligence labs — its newest lab opened in Paris last year. In addition to their AI labs, Facebook have acquired two AI companies —, a face recognition company, and, whose technology lets developers create text or voice based bots.

9. Google

Having acquired 9 AI startups, Google is deeply invested in furthering artificial intelligence capabilities. Their main research focus is on machine learning which helps advance Google’s language, speech translation, visual processing, ranking and prediction capabilities.

10. IBM

IBM has been a leader in the field of artificial intelligence since the 1950s. It has kept busy in the AI space, with 3 recent acquisitions in addition to its AI service, Watson. Watson – one of the highest profile AI projects – is a supercomputer that reveals insights from unstructured big data through machine learning and natural language processing.

11. iCarbonX

iCarbonX is a Chinese biotech startup which uses artificial intelligence to provide personalized health analyses and health index predictions. After raising over $154 million, iCarbonX is valued at over $1 billion USD, which earns them a spot as a major player in the field of artificial intelligence.

12. Intel

Intel has acknowledged the importance of artificial intelligence and their desire to stay ahead of the curve through backing and investing in AI technologies. The company touts its commitment to open source with optimized machine learning frameworks and libraries, as well their acquisition of Nervana systems, enabling them to take advantage of their machine learning experts.

13. Jibo

As the world’s first ‘social robot,’ Jibo is positioned as a friendly robot designed to help families manage their day-to-day activities, as well as connecting with the outside world. The Jibo team focused on creating a robot with a distinct personality that could interact with users through a range of emotions. By interacting with others, Jibo will learn details about them to offer personalized responses using artificial intelligence algorithms.

artificial intelligence companies, jibo

Jibo aims for personal approach to AI

14. Next IT

Next IT is one of the original companies that pioneered chatbots and has helped companies such as Alaska Airlines and Amtrak to easily interact with customers to answer and solve their problems. Their artificial intelligence capabilities allow them to help organizations in a variety of industries including healthcare and insurance.

15. Prisma

Instagram fans, take note — Prisma is an iOS app that uses artificial intelligence to turn your photos into art pieces in the style of Van Gogh, Picasso and more. Instead of simply applying a filter, Prisma uses deep learning algorithms, creating the photo from scratch using two data inputs to create the end result image.

artificial intelligence companies, prisma

Prisma is a potential Instagram competitor

16. ReSnap

ReSnap helps you create and curate photos into a photo book using a deep learning quality network. This smart photo book will analyze your photos, eliminating certain photos based on features such as blurriness, in addition to similar photos. The last 20 percent of photos are chosen by the user and ReSnap’s AI technologies will learn which photos it should include based upon your selection.

17. Salesforce

Over the past two years, Salesforce has acquired three AI companies and recently announced Salesforce Einstein, their artificial intelligence service. Their latest initiative, which includes a team of 175 data scientists, uses machine learning to help employees more efficiently perform tasks by simplifying and speeding them up. In addition to Salesforce’s own employees, Einstein will be available for customers who can build their own applications.

18. Twitter

Twitter has invested significant funds into artificial intelligence. They have acquired 4 AI companies to date. Their latest acquisition of the AI tech startup, Magic Pony, cost them a cool $150 million. Twitter plan to harness the expertise gained through these acquisitions to become a key player in the video space.

19. ViSenze

ViSenze’s artificial intelligence technology works by recommending visually similar items to users when shopping online. ViSenze utilizes machine learning and computer vision algorithms, which process and analyze millions of visual content. They recently raised $10.5 million to develop their artificial intelligence technologies and grow their operations.


Geared for busy users,’s intelligence virtual assistant Amy helps users schedule meetings. The concept is simple — if you receive a meeting request but don’t have time to work out logistics, you copy Amy onto the email and she handles it. Through machine learning and natural language processing, Amy schedules the best time and location for your meeting based on your preferences and schedule.

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