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Enterprise IoT Demand Driven by Customer Service, Business Analytics
By Pedro Hernandez | Networks Article Published on September 11, 2015
Companies are looking to the Internet of Things to improve their current business processes but are struggling to identify new opportunities.
Manufacturers and Utilities Are Leading the IoT Charge with 600M 'Things'
By Pedro Hernandez | Networks Article Published on May 01, 2015
Factories and power companies have the most sensors and devices on the Internet of Things, but retailers are closing in.
Internet of Things to Revolutionize the IT Department: IDC
By Pedro Hernandez | Networks Article Published on December 04, 2014
Say good-bye to business as usual. IDC expects IoT to have a transformational effect on the data center -- on entire organizations, in fact -- within just a few short years.
Why Samsung Should Dominate Home Automation
By Mike Elgan | Networks Article Published on November 12, 2014
Samsung could be the Apple of home automation – if only the company decided to truly focus on this growing market.
Are New Generic Top-Level Domains Creating Confusion?
By Sean Michael Kerner | Networks Article Published on October 24, 2014
VeriSign reports third quarter fiscal 2013 earnings and warns of potential impact from hundreds of new top-level domains flooding the Internet.