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Internet of Things to Revolutionize the IT Department: IDC
By Pedro Hernandez | Networks Article Published on December 04, 2014
Say good-bye to business as usual. IDC expects IoT to have a transformational effect on the data center -- on entire organizations, in fact -- within just a few short years.
Why Samsung Should Dominate Home Automation
By Mike Elgan | Networks Article Published on November 12, 2014
Samsung could be the Apple of home automation – if only the company decided to truly focus on this growing market.
Are New Generic Top-Level Domains Creating Confusion?
By Sean Michael Kerner | Networks Article Published on October 24, 2014
VeriSign reports third quarter fiscal 2013 earnings and warns of potential impact from hundreds of new top-level domains flooding the Internet.
How Will the Internet of Everything Change Us?
By Jeff Vance | Networks Article Published on October 01, 2014
The Internet of Everything is rising fast. But does it have a dark downside?
Needed: An Open SDN Platform
By Guest Author | Networks Article Published on July 08, 2014
Software defined networking vendors would do themselves and customers a favor if they focused on open interoperability.