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Needed: An Open SDN Platform
By Guest Author | Networks Article Published on July 08, 2014
Software defined networking vendors would do themselves and customers a favor if they focused on open interoperability.
Pulling Together the Internet of Things
By Jeffrey Kaplan | Networks Article Published on March 05, 2014
Business operations are quickly being reshaped by a widening array of interconnected technologies.
Mobile Traffic to Hit 18 Exabytes Per Month by 2018
By Sean Michael Kerner | Networks Article Published on February 05, 2014
Cisco's annual Visual Networking Index forecasts dramatic mobile data growth over the next five years.
Intel: The Desktop Is Alive, Data Center Is Thriving
By Sean Michael Kerner | Networks Article Published on January 17, 2014
Though the PC market has slowed, Intel's CEO still sees room for future growth as his company reports full year 2013 earnings. The company saw major growth in the cloud and networking.
Rise of the GoogleNet
By Mike Elgan | Networks Article Published on December 18, 2013
How Silicon Valley is making the Internet faster and cheaper.
Egnyte Raises $29.5M for Enterprise Hybrid Cloud File Sharing
By Pedro Hernandez | Networks Article Published on December 13, 2013
Boasting healthy sales, Egnyte plans to bring its secure, cloud-enabled file sync and share platform to more markets.
Linux Foundation Builds Internet of Things Effort
By Sean Michael Kerner | Networks Article Published on December 10, 2013
Two dozen companies come together in effort that will build an open source Internet of Things framework.
Extreme Buys Enterasys to Expand Networking Capabilities
By Jeffrey Burt | Networks Article Published on September 12, 2013
The $180 million deal will immediately double the revenues each of the vendors generated alone, Extreme officials said.
VMware’s NSX, Partnerships Challenge Cisco in Data Center
By Jeffrey Burt | Networks Article Published on August 27, 2013
The new network virtualization platform also points to what many see as the continued fraying of the partnership between VMware and Cisco.