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Managed Security Services Provider Releases Integrated Cybersecurity Platform

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COMMERCE, Mich. — A managed security services provider (MSSP) is rolling out a way to help cybersecurity executives get a better view of their security technologies.

Nuspire released today myNuspire, a customizable and “technology-agnostic” security platform that consolidates an organization’s security technology stack into a “single pane of glass,” according to the company. It also controls and contextualizes all available security information.

The integrated and real-time platform was developed to reduce the complexity of managing numerous security tools that don’t talk to each other and create “alert fatigue.”

As the average tenure of a chief information security officer (CISO) is 18-24 months, Nuspire says, the platform is set up to make the role “more manageable and less chaotic” and decrease the frequency of CISO burnout.

The product is also intended to make the CISO onboarding process easier, giving new leaders a holistic view of security to “architect actionable next steps or necessary modifications.”

“My goal has been to create a solution that would have made my job as a security leader less complicated,” said Lewie Dunsworth, CEO of Nuspire, who previously served as a CISO.

“There are many challenges associated with building and sustaining a security program over time, and it can leave you feeling overwhelmed, stressed and on an island at times.”

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screenshot of dashboard of myNuspire cybersecurity platform by Nuspire.
A screenshot of the dashboard in the myNuspire cybersecurity platform. Courtesy Nuspire.


MyNuspire features an on-demand threat intelligence tool to give users insights specific to their organization’s industry and size.

The platform also comes with a tool that identifies security gaps, shows if technology is properly operating and where to spend for “the best return on investment.”

Dunsworth said they “recognize security leadership is not easy,” and the platform was created to put security leaders “in complete control of their security program.”

screenshot of threat intelligence user interface in myNuspire cybersecurity platform by Nuspire.
A screenshot of the threat intelligence user interface in the myNuspire cybersecurity platform. Courtesy Nuspire.


MyNuspire can integrate with a variety of IT platforms via APIs, Webhooks and proprietary collectors, according to Jyothish Varma, VP of product management, Nuspire:

  • Security information and event management technologies
  • Endpoint detection and response solutions
  • Cloud solutions 
  • Vulnerability management solutions
  • Telemetry/alert data from security technologies

“Confusion” in the job

Martha Vazquez, a senior research analyst at IDC, said the role of a CISO is “a tough job.”

“Confusion and complexity in the market continues to be a challenge for these leaders,” she said.

Vazquez added that due to the surplus of industry jargon and variety of technologies and tools, a consolidated security solution that gives a company “full visibility into their program can simplify the job of a CISO.”

Pricing model

For an introductory period, myNuspire is provided at no cost for current and prospective Nuspire services clients, according to Varma.

The company plans to move myNuspire to a subscription-based model once it has assurance the platform is “providing all the value our clients and users expect,” Varma said.

Users can find more information on myNuspire at the company’s website.

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