Top 6 Barriers to Cloud Analytics

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Top 6 Barriers to Cloud Analytics

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Everyone seems to believe that big data and cloud computing are a match made in heaven. So why aren’t more enterprises migrating their analytics to the cloud?

A recent Teradata survey of senior technology leaders at 700 large global organizations found that some key barriers are preventing enterprises from deploying cloud analytics. "The State of Analytics in the Cloud" report found that 83 percent of respondents believed that the public cloud is the best place to run big data analytics. And 69 percent of those surveyed said that they want to run all of their analytics on cloud computing services by 2023.

Why do they want their analytics to run in the cloud? When asked about the benefits they hoped to achieve, respondents cited the following (multiple answers were allowed):

  • Faster deployment — 51 percent
  • Improved security — 46 percent
  • Faster insight into data — 44 percent
  • Better performance — 44 percent
  • Easier access by users — 43 percent
  • Cheaper maintenance — 41 percent
  • Easier access to analytics technologies — 35 percent
  • Direct access to cloud data stores — 33 percent
  • Greater integration with other cloud services — 30 percent
  • Faster pace of innovation — 27 percent

Despite all these benefits, organizations aren't migrating analytics to the cloud quickly enough to suit most IT leaders. In fact, nine out of ten respondents (91 percent) said that analytics should be moving to the public cloud faster than it is today.

Gartner data supports that conclusion. It found that pure public cloud deployments of analytics technology are only around 21 to 25 percent of all deployments.

What's standing in the way of moving more analytics to the cloud?

In the Teradata survey, enterprise technology leaders pointed to six technical, strategic and cultural hurdles that organizations need to overcome in order to make cloud analytics viable. And ironically, some of those cloud barriers are very closely related to the benefits that IT hopes to realize with cloud analytics.

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