10 Big Data Cloud Services

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10 Big Data Cloud Services

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Choosing a Big Data Cloud services is a critical task for businesses. For many organizations, 2018 will be the year that they migrate their big data — and especially their Big Data analytics — to the public cloud.

Forrester analyst Brian Hopkins has said that enterprises that want to remain competitive absolutely must move to the cloud. "Enterprise architects must recognize that the combination of big data and public cloud is not just a trend; it is an extinction-level event for digital dinosaurs," he wrote. "Digital predators who get there first will exploit the accelerating cycle of big data innovation in the public cloud, becoming more customer obsessed. Digital dinosaurs will recognize they are too late, will scramble to win back customers, and eventually die off."

So if enterprises don't want to become one of those extinct "digital dinosaurs," which big data cloud service should they use?

Organizations have literally dozens of big data cloud services they could choose from. Many of those are based on the open source Hadoop framework. But that doesn't mean they are all the same.

"As enterprises strategize to 'future-proof' their big data analytics investments across on-premise and multi-cloud Data Lakes, they need to take into consideration the fact that not every data platform is born equal," said Dave Mariani, CEO of vendor AtScale, which offers a platform to improve the performance of other analytics and BI solutions.

Mariani added that organizations might also have reasons to choose a big data cloud service that isn't based on Hadoop. He said, "Hadoop is a data processing platform — not a database — which makes it more flexible for a variety of workloads. But if you're looking for a data warehouse, Amazon RedShift and Google BigQuery are great out-of-the-box choices for running a data warehouse in the Cloud without the overhead of managing the infrastructure."

The following slideshow highlights ten big data cloud services that enterprises might want to consider.

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