12 Android Apps You Should Have (But Probably Don't)

Posted December 15, 2016 By  Cynthia Harvey

The Google Play store has more than 2.4 million apps available, but most of us have a lot of the same apps on our smartphones or tablets. That is, after all, how those apps end up on the "most popular apps" lists.

For this slideshow, we went looking for hidden gems. It highlights 12 great Android apps that you won't find on any "10 most popular apps" list. However, many of these apps have won awards, received rave reviews and earned excellent ratings from users. These are apps you might have otherwise overlooked, but that you should really consider downloading.

While most of these apps are free, some are paid. You shouldn't rule out the paid apps just because they have a price tag, however, because all of these apps are worth the price.

And while some of these apps are just for fun, most of them are very useful tools that you are likely to use on a regular basis. A few will help you keep your Android device safe, and most of them will help make your life a little easier and just a little bit better. If you'd like to give any (or all) of them a try, the links in the slideshow will take you right to the download page in Google Play.

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