13 Companies Leading the Way with Containers

Posted February 22, 2017 By  Cynthia Harvey

As DevOps has grown in popularity, an increasing number of organizations are looking to containerization technology as a way to simplify and streamline application deployment and management. In fact, the RightScale 2017 State of the Cloud Report found that Docker, the leading containerization tool, was the most popular DevOps tool among the companies it surveyed. Forty percent of the enterprises surveyed said that they use Docker, and 30 percent more said they planned to do so in the future.

Container technology packages an application together with everything it needs to run. That makes it easier to deploy applications and much easier to move them around. Containers also offer some security benefits because they isolate applications from each other. They are similar to virtual machines, but containers on the same infrastructure share the same OS kernel, which make them more lightweight than VMs. And they can run on traditional or cloud infrastructure.

As enterprises have begun experimenting with containers, vendors have been quick to put together container-related offerings. A few open source companies have played the lead role in developing containerization tools, and all the top public cloud vendors have added container services to their portfolios. In addition, several large tech companies have boosted their container capabilities by purchasing smaller startups.

This slideshow highlights thirteen of those vendors who are leading the way with containers.

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