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Protect your network with free, open source anti-malware, firewall, backup, IDS/IPS, data loss prevention and other security tools.


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Gateway/Unified Threat Management Appliances

39. Endian Firewall Community

Replaces Check Point Security Gateways, SonicWall, Symantec Web Gateway

With the community version of Endian, you can turn any PC into a Linux-based security appliance complete with firewall, anti-malware, Web filtering, VPN, spam-filtering and more. The company also offers paid hardware, software or virtual appliances based on the same open source code. Operating System: Linux.

40. Untangle Lite

Replaces Check Point Security Gateways, SonicWall, Symantec Web Gateway

Much like Endian, Untangle Lite can also turn standard Intel/AMD PC hardware into a security appliance. Interested customers can purchase individual security apps, complete security packages or hardware appliances from Untangle. Operating System: Linux.

41. ClearOS

Replaces Check Point Security Gateways, SonicWall, Symantec Web Gateway

This small business server also include gateway security functionality. Commercially supported products and services based on the same technology are available through ClearCenter. Operating System: Linux.

42. Sophos UTM Home Edition

Replaces Check Point Security Gateways, SonicWall, Symantec Web Gateway

Formerly known as Astaro Security Gateway, this free version of the Sophos software includes anti-malware, anti-spam, Web filtering, VPN and other capabilities. Sophos also offers a free, open-source essential firewall version for businesses, as well as paid versions of the software. Operating System: Linux.

Intrusion Detection

43. Open Source Tripwire

Replaces Tripwire

Tripwire is one of the leading commercial intrusion detection solutions. Over a decade ago, the company briefly released its flagship product under an open source license, and development has continued on that project independent from commercial Tripwire. Both products help to identify when hackers have broken into networks by monitoring for changes in your file system. Operating System: Windows, Linux.


Replaces Tripwire

Another File Integrity Checker, or AFICK for short, works very similarly to Tripwire. It's very fast and runs from the command line or the included graphical interface. Operating System: Windows, Linux.

Network Firewalls

45. IPCop

Replaces Barricuda NG Firewall, Check Point Appliances

Most of the open source network firewall projects, including IPCop, make it possible to create your own Linux-based firewall appliance from standard PC hardware. This project has a fairly intuitive Web-based interface and is a good option for small business owners or others with small networks. Operating System: Linux.

46. Devil-Linux

Replaces Barricuda NG Firewall, Check Point Appliances

More full-featured than many open source network firewalls, Devil-Linux can function as an application server as well as a firewall/router. It can also run from a CD or a USB thumb drive. Operating System: Linux.

47. IPFire

Replaces Barricuda NG Firewall, Check Point Appliances

Designed to meet the needs of everyone from home users all the way up to large enterprises, IPFire boasts excellent flexibility and regular security updates. A number of add-ons and commercial support are avaialable. Operating System: Linux.

48. Turtle Firewall

Replaces Barricuda NG Firewall, Check Point Appliances

Turtle boasts simple, fast configuration of an iptables-based firewall. It's a good option for fairly technical users, but might be overwhelming for those with less networking knowledge. Operating System: Linux.

49. Shorewall

Replaces Barricuda NG Firewall, Check Point Appliances

Also known as "Shoreline Firewall," Shorewall aims to be "the most flexible and powerful" of the Linux-based firewall options. You can set it to act as a simple network firewall, as a multi-function gateway/server/router or to protect an individual system. Operating System: Linux.

50. Vuurmuur

Replaces Barricuda NG Firewall, Check Point Appliances

This iptables-based firewall boasts "powerful monitoring features" that allow real-time tracking of logs, connections and bandwidth. Other features include traffic shaping, an easy-to-use GUI, IPv6 support, anti-spoofing capabilities and more. Operating System: Linux.

51. m0n0wall

Replaces Barricuda NG Firewall, Check Point Appliances

Unlike most of the other projects on our list, m0n0wall is based on FreeBSD, not Linux. It can be used with embedded systems from PC Engines or Soekris Engineering, as well as with standard x86 PCs. Operating System: FreeBSD.

52. pfSense

Replaces Barricuda NG Firewall, Check Point Appliances

Another BSD-based option, pfSense is a very popular fork of m0n0wall that has been downloaded millions of times. It claims to offer "most all the features in expensive commercial firewalls, and more in many cases." Commercial support is available. Operating System: FreeBSD.

53. Vyatta Network OS

Replaces Cisco products

Vyatta offers software-based networking capabilities, including enterprise-class routing, firewall and VPN features. In addition to the free open source version, it also offers paid enterprise versions of the software, which add more capabilities. Operating System: Linux.

Network Monitoring

54. Wireshark

Replaces OmniPeek, CommView

Wireshark boldly proclaims itself the "world's foremost network protocol analyzer," and it's a very mature product with loads of documentation and help available. It performs deep inspection of hundreds of protocols, live capture, offline analysis and many other features. Commercial support and services are available through Riverbed Technology. Operating System: Windows, Linux, OS X.

55. tcpdump/libpcap

Replaces OmniPeek, CommView

Together, these two command-line tools offer a complete network analysis and monitoring solution: tcpdump does packet analysis, while libpcap does traffic capture. Many of the developers behind Wireshark are also involved with these projects. Operating System: Linux.

56. WinDump/WinPcap

Replaces OmniPeek, CommView

These two projects port tcpdump and libpcap to Windows. And, like Wireshark, they are also associated with Riverbed Technology. Operating System: Windows.

Operating Systems

57. BackTrack Linux

Replaces Windows

Built for penetration testing, BackTrack helps simplify the process of testing and hardening your networks, whether you're a relative newcomer to the field or a seasoned professional. It includes a huge library of penetration testing and security tools, and it can be installed on a system or run from a Live DVD or USB thumb drive.

58. EnGarde Secure Linux

Replaces Windows

Engarde claims to be "the first truly secure, open source Internet operating platform." It includes SELinux capabilities, plus intrusion detection, content filtering and other security features.

59. Liberté Linux

Replaces Windows

Based on Gentoo Linux, Liberté runs from a USB thumb drive, securing your system and encrypting your messages. The project website says, "Whether you are a privacy advocate, a dissident, or a sleeper agent, you are equally likely to find Liberté Linux useful as a mission-critical communication aid."

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