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How to Obtain a Server SSL Certificate from Verisign

November 1999

Verisign is a leading vendor of digital certificates, which are used to secure Web servers that are used by companies to sell products/services online or support an intranet or extranet. Digital certificates provide proof of identity, activate encyrptoin, and ensure peace of mind through a protection plan. For server certificates, Verisign issues a unique Secure Server ID that a company can use to assure their visitors that the company is who it says it is.

SSL certificates can be obtained from several vendors for use with a secure extranet. Many vendors, including VerSign, have the ability to generate a test certificate, which can be used during the evaluation process of an extranet solution.

The following is a typical step-by-step process to create a certified server certificate from VeriSign:

  • 1.Generate a Key Pair using the extranet's built-in wizard, if there is one.
  • 2.Go to VeriSign's homepage at
  • 3.Go to the Server IDs page at
  • 4.Choose the desired extranet vendor.
  • 5.Submit a certificate request.
  • 6.Enter the portion "Begin Certificate .... End Certificate" into the online certificate request form. (This is taken from the Certificate Request file generated in step one.)
  • 7.Wait for a response from VeriSign. (Note: You will get a PIN number from them immediately, which can be used to check the status of the certificate processing.)
  • 8.Once the response is received, restart the extranet's key generation process.
  • 9.The Certificate Authority will send an e-mail message from which you should copy the portion that reads: "Begin Certificate" … "End Certificate."
  • 10.Continue to follow the directions as specified by the particular extranet solution you are using.
  • 11.Verisign will send a trusted roots file that shows Verisign as the CA.

Reprinted with permission from The Aventail Corporation

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