Big Data Analytics Project Center

Is your business drowning in Big Data? Can the insights hidden in that data help your business grow? This Project Center will help you find the Big Data Analytics solutions that best fit your company's needs. Download our case studies, vendor comparisons, product reviews, and other free resources to make an informed technology selection.

Business Opportunity & Case Studies

How and why IT managers are implementing Big Data Analytics.
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  • Big Data Analytics Overview

    Get an inside look at the challenges, vendors and trends shaping the Big Data Analytics market, from market segmentation to predictive analytics. Download this comprehensive ...more

  • Using Big Data to Improve Information Security

    Big Data is getting a lot of attention for its ability to improve business decision making, but it's also being employed to improve security and ...more

  • Using Predictive Analytics to Improve Your Business Decisions

    Analyzing data to find trends and make better decisions is becoming commonplace in business. The next frontier in analytics involves predictive analytics that spot trends ...more

  • Turning Big Data Into Useful Information

    The agile organization needs knowledge to act on, quickly and effectively. Though many organizations are clamouring for "Big Data", not nearly as many know what ...more

Buying Guide & Vendor Landscape

High-level overview of leading Big Data analytics vendors.
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  • Big Data Security Analytics: Vendor Landscape

    Lost amid the avalanche of Big Data is information that can help organizations protect their data and infrastructure from security risks. For that reason, a ...more

  • How to Choose a Big Data Analytics Product

    If you have a clear vision of the business questions you need data to answer, then you?ll likely get a big bang for your buck -- but ...more

Product Comparison Charts

Compare essential features across multiple products.
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  • Big Data Analytics Vendor Matrix

    Not sure which Big Data analytics solution is right for your business? Download this exclusive comparison matrix to easily compare vendors and products.

RFP Template

Ready-to-use template for your Big Data analytics RFP and RFI, incorporating industry best practices.
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  • Big Data Analytics RFP

    After you've created a list of potential vendors with Big Data analytics solutions, a Request for Proposal (RFP) will help you select the one best ...more

  • Big Data Analytics RFI

    Interested in Big Data analytics? The first step is creating a Request for Information (RFI), which will help your organization clearly outline the goals of ...more